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  • jackmcclain171 jackmcclain171 Feb 22, 2013 11:21 PM Flag

    I Tell You Twice: Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway IS a Menace To Civilization!

    An arrogant egomaniac, a gluttonous, predatory profitteer; a pirate, a Pick-Pocket (((and))) a child-molestor in a business suit. I shall now have to boycott Kraft ((((and)))) Heinz. What's next? Are you going to steal the swill from the pig troughs? Your mother should have turned you into the cops for that stunt all those years ago; you got away with it and your sneaky-pete mental model grew. And if my buddies who died in Vietnam knew that (((((YOU)))) were what they were fighting for, they would have turned those guns right around! That laugh of yours is the "tell" CLEARLY are impressed at your own cleverness, at your not-so-well-hidden deviousness. Your curse, Mr. Buffett: May you be reincarnated, for the next 1,000 iterations, as the 9 child of the 5th poorest family in Calcutta, and you - AND all your children - shall have to address (but never be able to correct or amend) the world-wide degradation of life that your current model has spawned. This curse shall pass to you and EVERY practitioner of that model in this time, forward. AMEN!

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    • But he smells a heck of a lot better than you jacky

      Plus what in the world gives u a right to claim a better than thou attitude just coz u kill kill killed a lotta human beings??

      I subscribe to MLK's opinion on war: "war is a poor chisel to carve out tomorrow "

    • With nthat attitude, you probably should have been fighting for the NVA.

    • He donated over 5 Billion to charity last year. Other than board spam, did you donate anything to charity last year?

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      • WE donated over 5 billion to charity last year. after all we are his partners.

      • Ray, here's some history:
        1976 Elizabeth Dole gets her slimey mitts on Goodwill Industries and her hubby, Kansas Con Bob, pass legislation that turns America's charitable heart into a business. You can date the decline of "the Dream" from the day THOSE tax law changes passed. BEFORE Lizzy, you donated to charity because you wanted to (a) either not waste perfectly good things or (b) because you felt some compassion for the less fortunate among us. BEFORE Lizzy, when I was 13, I needed a white shirt for some function but my family was really poor. I walked into a Goodwill, the old guy picked one out for me, made sure it fit and sent me on my way. AFTER Lizzy, sometime in the 1990's, a young man needed a shirt, didn't have money to BUY one from Goodwill, grabbed one of the rack and ran. He was shot and killed by police and branded a thief.

        Now, you say Warren donated $5 billion to charity. Well, pardon my skepticism, but Warren's accountants told him he needed a tax break...therefore, he "donated."

        At this point in time, "charities" are NOT charities, they are businesses! American's are NOT generous, unless they can get a tax break. The United Way spends something north of 65% of its donations on administration - you know, all those ads you see? - and generous pay packages for its upper tier management, who, "...surprise, surprise...", were best friends with a network of drunken Ivy League frat houses and directly related to some entrenched alumni thereof.

        Please do not respond to this. I have already pigeon-holed you as either comfortable through NO effort of your own or intentionally clueless and incapable of questioning the world you live in.

      • He donated a lot of money to kill babies

        Sentiment: Sell

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