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  • krauth krauth May 7, 2013 8:09 AM Flag

    Basic Question

    When BRK-B was first issued, it did two things: 1) Helped buy BNS, and, 2) Prevented, according to WB, the creation of mutuals dealing only with BRK-A. My question is whether anything has happened to change the second of these. That is, anything which would make it possible to repurchase all the B shares without such a likelihood arising.

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    • BRK-B shares existed long before 2010. In that year Warren did a 50:1 split of the B shares to increase liquidity for the purchase of BNS. Also, it allowed Berskshire to be included in the S&P 500. That is when I got in, since B shares were now available at around $70/share vs the previous $3500/share. If I am not quite correct on all of the facts, maybe someone else can add more details.

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      • Thanks for your thoughts. I ask because whenever WB speaks of the B shares, it is like someone who has a palatial estate but must occasionally refer to a trailer house in the back yard. In the last report it was mentioned that he had repurchased 606,000 of them. This left 1.25M or something close. These could be retired for what is a pittance to BRK if the rules of their issuance allow and if there is not a very good reason to retain them.

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