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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 14, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Warren Buffet and Berksire Hathaway Inc. the next grounds for the great theft of investors money?

    They must be salivating at the thought of Warren kicking the Buffet, I mean bucket!

    The couldn't wait to get all the money out of the hands of the US Government, all those pensions of so many citizens of the US.

    They did.

    Congress was now buffered from being called crooks since they handed the keys to our futures to these crooks, handing Wall St. crooks our retirement plans. RESULT: 50% of it wiped out.

    Furthermore devalue your Dollar by printing money another 50% gone. Resutl 25% of your value left.

    Revolutions start over such tactics, when is the US Citizen going to rise to fight such tyryanny? Do they have to violate your children and not just your children's future before you rise and start voting them all out of office at the very least? Congress and the FED Reserve must be ousted.

    They are not done yet, now remove the key componenets of inflation such as the factors of energy and food, result, there is no inflation. Result remove 10% of the 25% that was left over.Wow! We are putting up with this, Congress, the President and the FED Chair think we are blind to all of this? We aren't are we?

    Now they have stolen so much from the 401Ks what is left but destroying the welath of investors in these companies such as Berkshire Hathaway. Has Warren Buffet put in place a master plan for his comany to follow? Obviously he made a poor decision already once with the "next in line for command" after he was caught for having accounts offshore where front running trades were being made infront of Berkshire Hathaways moves. Warren MAN UP, take responsilibty and set up a master plan a Rothschild' and all of their 7th thru 9th century inbreeding would be proud of!!

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table with others.

    Please tweet, email, FB this to all.

    We need your help.

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