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  • aud802009 aud802009 Jun 25, 2014 7:21 PM Flag

    buffet is still wrong about dividend investing

    study after study has shown that stocks that pay dividends are better than those that dont. i should know because all the stocks i own i have. reinvested the dividends. every quarter i get a fatter dividend and more shares.

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    • Buffet has nothing against dividends. He buys many stocks that pay dividends. His point is that he believes his company can reinvest the money well enough to pay off better. I own mostly dividend paying stocks but also BRK.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The math isnt wrong that retained earnings at 12% will do much better than paying out dividends and reinvesting. The study tells you more about the type of businesses that pay dividends then it does anything else. It succeeds because it largely excludes unprofitable companies and growth stocks that have historically underperformed.

    • fredrickson.loceng Jun 26, 2014 2:24 PM Flag

      So why do you bother to opine on this fine stock. Were I you I would pay attention to those excellent stocks that you already own. I have owned this stock since I received it in exchange for BN. Believe me I am not the least bit unhappy in the performance since 1981.

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      • your performance would have been greater if this stock paid a dividend. thats my whole point

      • You are so right Fred**, so many none thinkers want all stock and people to think and be the same, there are lots of div stocks for the simple minded to buy, Buffett and Munger are much better investors than 99.9 % of the hindsight coaches, losers, etc. Trying to out think Buffett with Obama Fairness is idiotic, I like Buffett and team investing some of my money in good sound defensive investments that out strip most investors over the long run. I know how to determine what 5% of my BRK.B is and can withdraw that each year and still outperform most dividend stock returns and growth. BRK.A &BRK.B will be the last to to fall when the US Gov and everyone else has gone under.

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