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  • rudecrudesociallyunacceptable rudecrudesociallyunacceptable Jan 25, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

    Good reports from UTX, BA, ROK,ETN


    Hon down

    This topic is deleted.
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    • irrational_exuberance_1998 irrational_exuberance_1998 Feb 1, 2012 10:16 AM Flag

      Hi Artie

      How you been?
      Well, you can read it for yourself, hesford may warm up to you, but rude was correct that he has no respect for us day-traders.
      I left the Borg in 2000 and was hired back to do consulting services,,,made a bundle,
      Glad I cashed in. Watched the stock go from the 40's to 5.
      Financial took a big hit along with the rest of the market. Now lags because of exposure in europe. As the EU improves, so will GE.
      Good news in the markets today,,should push higher.

      Will talk later,
      The borg lives on

    • Your BS is becoming overwhelming
      You still can not read
      xit_wounds reported rude to yahoo

      And you have posted over 650 times, not 600, but hey, who's counting.

    • Cut & Paste?

      Too time consuming
      Just pay him a visit on those company boards which he most frequently posts on.
      If he learns nothing else from his visit to the Honeywell board, it will be that only a newbie or a spammer would use the same monicker on more than one board, allowing other to track and review your every word.

      Crazy Bull

    • Yeah, yeah, is the facts which can easily be read.

      My post was this...>>wow, you bought at the exact low yesterday and sold within a couple cents of the high today....<<

      That is what I are the one who took offense. Well, you and your multiple IDs. I only say that because I couldn't fathom other people giving a crap about this conversation. And quite frankly, I don't except for the fact that you continue to respond with ever more escalated responses. As for the yahoo inquiry? I don't even know what that is but if you are implying that I reported you to yahoo....that is funny. I can promise you that I wouldn't waste my time (which is ironic bc I typing this) and if I did want to I wouldn't even know how.

      I'm sure that this response will be defended by someone else saying they are going to search threw all my 600 posts for another one this the unfortunate ones we've shared...this has happened before but very seldom. I have gotten better at avoiding the likes of you. Somehow I got roped in. Bummer. GL, I'm out of this chat and doing what I should have done a long time ago....put you and your buddies (other icon names) on ignore.

    • Rude,

      Just ignore the fella. You've been on here for the longest that I can remember and have provided good insights to all. Again, ignore the fella.


    • Potential for Greek default increasing.

      No help from UTX whose earnings fell short on revenue:

      " United Technologies fell 1.3% after the aerospace and building controls company's fourth-quarter earnings matched fourth-quarter earnings estimates while revenue missed slightly, and the company affirmed its 2012 earnings outlook."

      Also, Yesterday Cote stated that in general, the European crisis is hurting European sales.

      All that said, still expect Honeywell to post solid, although conservative, earnings and outlook. May have to wait until next week to get our due earnings pop – after the new round of analyst reports come out.


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