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  • hold_upright hold_upright Jul 17, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    Stock Split - Moment of Truth

    If an announcement doesn't happen this week I would be surprised.

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    • Cote wants Honeywell to be the "Apple" company among the avionics industry. Look at what happened to Apple now... plunging from $700/share to $400. Cote is banking on India to propel Honeywell to the next level by gradually reducing U.S. Engineers while increasing India's Engineers. Cote might save money in the short-term and increases share holder's profits by playing games of shifting jobs overseas, reducing jobs here in the U.S., and by telling his employees that there are no raise this year so that he can meet wall street's estimate. The game can't last forever, software produced by India engineers are junk/inferior to software produced by U.S. engineers. Employees here are tire of (quietly) fixing junk software while letting India's engineers taking the credit. Boeing is upset and gives new contracts to Rockwell/Collins. Experience (Good) U.S. engineers are leaving to work for other companies. I'm not saying all India's engineers are bad, they have some bright folks over there too, but they use Honeywell as a training company where they can get experience and then leave for other companies that pay them higher salaries... It's funny how Cote was named CEO of the year and he was even asked how he avoided layoff of resources... here's how, #$%$ off people so they leave or quietly walking them out the door.... Go Dave!!!!

    • Not gonna happen.....don't know why you think there is going to be any kind of a split while it sits here in the 80's. It's got to go a lot higher before that's gonna happens......a lot higher.

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