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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 11, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    Mercedes-Benz Best Strategy: Educate Consumers to Kullman Koolant

    Ask Auto Buyers If the Potentially Dangerous DuPont Kullman Koolant for Car A/C Is Acceptable Risk


    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag,

    Readers, as many of you now know, safety-driven Daimler engineers conducted their own independent testing of the Kullman Koolant for car A/C (DuPont/Honeywell HFO-1234yf), and were shocked to discover under conditions of a serious crash, the Kullman Koolant could potentially leak on a hot engine part and explode into a fireball with extremely toxic hydrogen fluoride gas. How toxic? 30 parts per million can be lethal to a human. The gas can eat windshield glass and human lungs in a flash as in flash fire, potentially endangering not only trapped drivers and passengers, but first responders on the scene as well.

    In response, DuPont's truculent and evasive Management and their PR tricksters sneer and claim deceptively the Kullman Koolant is merely "mildly flammable", as innocent and safe as motor oil, mocking the safety concerns of Diamler leaders and engineers. Fortress Wilmington, in our opinion, is trying desperately to safeguard not people but their monopolistic profits in peddling this extremely expensive Kullman Koolant made in China.

    What should Daimler-Benz do at this point? Bypass the French technocrats and E.U bureaucrats more troubled with vague global warming than real women, men and children. Educate would-be buyers as to the potential dangers of the Kullman Koolant, transparently and factually. Let the buyer decide what is an acceptable risk for herself, or himself, and family and friends.

    Frankly and personally, we don't want some heavily DuPont-lobbied French or E. U. official making this critical decision for us, dictating to us what is an "acceptable risk" and putting this highly questionable Kullman Koolant inches away from where we are sitting and driving in our otherwise beautifully and safety-engineered motorcar.

    [TO BE CONTINUED] ...funfun...

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    • Readers, when we picked up a new Mercedes-Benz this spring, we asked our otherwise highly knowledgeable sales rep whether the car contained the controversial Kullman Koolant. He drew a blank, but got a serious look on his face as we explained our concern. We quickly repaired right down to the office of the Service Manager, who did know immediately about what we were talking. He assured us that, yes, several thousand Mercedes had been brought into the U. S. with the Kullman Koolant, but those cars were recalled. Our new car did not have the Kullman Koolant inside. A personal relief to us.

      Best strategy at this point for Mercedes as well as VW and BMW: an education campaign. Let the consumer decide what is an acceptable risk. Ask the young professional woman buying a new car to go to her job and haul the kids around to school events and lessons. Ask the husband and father thinking about a new mini-van who commutes long distances and needs the car for the children's sports games. Is the Kullman Koolant worth the risk to rescue the planet from vague and speculative "global warming" a hundred years from now, and in the meantime fill the deep pockets of DuPont's big bosses with massive monopolistic profits? Or as DuPont's bombastic bosses call it, "another great example of DuPont innovation". Imprelis, Tell Us!

      Merely THE SUNDAY SIZE-UP digitally penned by one individual investor and long-time student of the
      DuPlicitous DuPont...funfun..

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      • HON shareholders need to ask Honeywell executives why in the world would they have partnered with this tarnished, disreputable chemical conglomerate based in the dwarf state of Delaware and its bumbling, unethical bosses. Why put any confidence in the inept executives of DuPont and their stupid "scientists" who dreamed up a car A/C coolant starting with one of the most extremely toxic chemicals known to mankind, hydrogen fluoride. Voila! The Kullman Koolant.

        Didn't Honeywell execs vet the Senior Management of DuPont? The same Management who just delivered a falsely, if not fraudulently marketed "very environmentally friendly" dandelion herbicide for the lawn which has proceeded to kill over $2 billion of mature landscaping trees across the face of the nation over the past two years, triggering tens of thousands of litigation claims in federal and state courts? DuPont Imprelis, Tell Us!

        The Directors of Honeywell need to examine this Kullman Koolant fiasco extensively and demand answers on behalf of HON shareholders for whom they have a defined fiduciary duty.


      • Let's see how well Honeywell can slither its way out of this one.

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