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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 23, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    The UnHoly Trinity of Sham DuPont Innovation!

    Crippling Incompetence Shows Up in Phony DuPont Innovation Disasters

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno,

    Readers, The most compelling factor in the dramatic decade-long decline of the DuPont Company has been the colossal mistakes and incompetence of its inbred and isolated Management. Practically all of DuPont Chiefress Ellen Kullman's circa 100 DuPont Presidents, Vice Presidents, and equivalents are entrenched veterans of DuPont. As glaring evidence of the lack of competence and integrity in the executive suites of DuPont, one has only to examine the most recent, over-hyped DuPont "innovations":

    * DuPont OptimumGAP, Management's first major attempt to develop and commercialise a genetically-modified seed trait to compete with superior-managed Monsanto has ended in failure, cannot be planted alone by farmers "without risk".

    * Extraordinarily toxic DuPont Imprelis, a falsely, if not fraudulently marketed dandelion treatment for the lawn which has proceeded to destroy mature landscaping trees, $2 billion or more across the country, triggering tens of thousands of costly claims pending in numerous federal and state courts.

    * The Kullman Koolant (DuPont/Honeywell HFO-1234yf) for car A/C which has been roundly renounced by Daimler, VW, BMW, 15% of the global new car market after Daimler engineers and the independent KBA in Germany discovered this "great innovation from DuPont" could explode into a potentially lethal hydrogen fluoride fireball in a serious crash.

    One must slice through the Teflon Curtain of DuPont public relations dissimulation to see what is really going down inside this intractably troubled and corrupt conglomerate.

    Merely the individual opinion of one retail investor with both long and short positions in DD...funfun..

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    • Wow do you get around. I'm responding to your post on this page too!

      Funfundvierzig or is it ZEG? No one will argue with you over these three failures. They were costly enough and someone should have been fired over them. But hey weren't YOU fired by DuPont? Honeywell has to take some of the blame too right? I'm sure DuPont took the lead for this development but Honeywell is on the hook for at least 25% of the bill right?

      For the record, I'm a DuPont manager but don't hold many shares nor do I work in the #$%$ out division that developed the coolant. Ag&Nut is doing great these days, even though that facility in Illinois is running like doogie doo doo.

      Please don't bring out your ZEG alias again. Makes you look like a teenager.

    • Funnut Imprelis was one fiasco you did get right. If this coolant crashes and burns and takes down families with it DuPont is smart enough to spin off the business and have it go bankrupt like Solutia did. I like my greenhouse unfriendly stuff any way. Much safer. Smart.

      ps-your stoopid ag-ameNN-mon alias is creepy.

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