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  • kurtwch kurtwch Aug 30, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

    Kullman Koolant

    Perhaps it's time to have Underwriter Labs do a test on this coolant to put to rest the concerns many have of this product. They are independent and unbiased.

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    • A lot of independent and unbiased groups have already tested it. They found no problems. Some quotes of test results from those groups are on the HON website. The DD website posts info about the Daimler test. Apparently Daimler rejiggered auto hoses to spray coolant and another fluid directly on an engine running hotter than normal. Hardly a standard test. No mention they did the same test with normal control coolant. Most auto coolants contain fluorine these days. If you look at their MSDS they say direct contact with hot surfaces can make hydrogen fluoride. Just like Daimler says happens to Solstice/Opteon. But one more test couldn't hurt. Good idea. Problem is if the coolant passes funfundvierzig still won't believe it. His goal is to bash DuPont.

    • Kurwitch, as you can see below from the obvious advocate for DuPont Management, who repeats the DuPont public relations talking points, DuPont execs and their PR plants have adopted a strategy to trash and impugn Daimler and fire off sleazy personal attacks pounding any independently-speaking critic who fails to mouth the DuPont Company party line.

      Readers, it boils down to this: Do you believe and trust:

      * DuPont's self-promoting, monopolising Management and their PR con artists who insist this highly questionable Koolant Koolant is perfectly SAFE, only "mildly flammable", and is as innocent and harmless as motor oil inside your car? Or,

      * The safety-driven engineers of Daimler and Daimler leaders who make some of the safest motorcars in the world, and their compatriots in the industry, leaders of VW, BMW, and Toyota (nearly a third of the global new car market)?

      Any reader who wants to see the Daimler tests, should view the videos on the net and the explosive fireball, thanks to the DuPont Kullman Koolant. What an eye-opener!


    • kurwch (sorry for the earlier misspelling of your moniker) and Readers,

      To see a Daimler video demonstrating a shocking Kullman Koolant toxic fireball, GOOGLE:

      "Daimler coolant danger video".


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