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  • lesspheus lesspheus Nov 29, 2011 4:52 PM Flag

    Theorize why Richard is such an a hole...

    Why is Richard so persistent about spreading his lies? There can be multiple reasons why he is lying, but he is really putting in the extra effort to attempt to claim validation for a 100% invalid argument, which he clearly knows is the case.

    So lets guess:

    1) The most obvious guess to me is that he is simply short the stock and trying to drive the price down for financial gain. But this is a tough sell with the shares already so undervalued. Theoretically if his wild accusations were true and CVVT got fined, the company would still be wildly undervalued, though somewhat less so.

    2) Perhaps he invested in CVVT at much higher prices, lost a ton of money, and in his irrational anger wants to do whatever he can to harm the company, not caring if it is illegal or that he is messing with other's investments in an entirely immoral manner.

    3) He is being paid to do so by some entity that will benefit from a decline in the price of CVVT.

    4) He is not psychologically stable and he is doing this for kicks.

    5) He is being paid by a competitor of CVVT to trash the company. Then the competitor's sales people can point to this and claim that there is trouble with CVVT.

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    • No idea, but if his purpose (or his employer's purpose) is to make money out of a sinking stock...his tactis are pretty weird.

      I mean: if you are 100% certain that CVVT is a fraud (and that it eventually will be closed down), then I presume a 'pump and dump' strategy would be much more effective, considering the fact that the stock has already lost +/-80% of it's value.

      I mean: if you have proof of fraude, then you better make poeple believe it's no fraud at all (even try to praise the company as much as you can) so the stock might rally. When it eventually gets delisted, the fall (and the rewards) would be so much higher....

      I'm really missing something here....or is it plain stupidity on his behalf?

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      • I don't at all believe that he believes his own lies, but he is sure trying hard to convince others.

        CVVT is not going to be shut down or delisted and he knows that, so at a stretch he may have hoped to scare enough people in to selling to drive the price down to maybe $1.50, if his true intent was to profit from the short.

        Another possibility is that he sold a bunch of $3, $4, and/or $5 naked December calls recently when CVVT was over $3 and is simply trying to keep a lid on the stock. His lies aren't convincing enough to scare many into selling, but all of this negative activity on the board could be enough to keep many new investors out of the stock. In such a case he can end up looking like a failure even thought he may succeed.

        Then again he seems so dedicated to his cause that somehow this might be personal.

      • Brilliant deductions! Looks like you are hitting the nail on the head...

        Give him hell Art!


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