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  • lastpossiblename lastpossiblename May 3, 2004 7:35 AM Flag

    Speaking of AMT

    Oops. Anyway, speaking of preparation for next year...lets throw out some ideas for AMT friendly yield instruments. I had EIV for a while but sold in March as rate fears accelerated. Anyone know of any non-leverage AMT friendly investments to keep an eye on?...or a good place to search for one. I don't think lets you search for AMT friendly funds directly.


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    • RT, I was curious about the question you asked about non-leverage muni funds that are heavy into bonds that are exempted from the alternative minimum tax so I asked the question on the beyond_tei board and here are some I received:
      PRM/DSC Ticker Classification ExpRat
      -9.34% APX Municipal - National 0.81
      -12.79% DCG Municipal Single State 1.00
      -11.70% DNM Municipal Single State 1.00
      -9.99% ICS Municipal Single State 0.55
      -10.79% IMS Municipal - National 0.49
      -4.21% MHF Municipal - National 0.80
      -10.77% MIF Municipal - National 0.79
      -10.49% MUA Municipal - National 0.68
      -9.50% NCA Municipal Single State N/A
      -11.21% NIM Municipal - National N/A
      -6.89% NMI Municipal - National N/A
      -11.20% NNY Municipal Single State N/A
      -9.89% NUV Municipal - National N/A
      -9.55% NXC Municipal Single State N/A
      -7.20% NXN Municipal Single State N/A
      -8.30% NXP Municipal - National N/A
      -10.50% NXQ Municipal - National N/A
      -8.35% NXR Municipal - National N/A
      -10.88% OIA Municipal - National 0.93
      -12.13% OIB Municipal - National 0.95
      -11.87% OIC Municipal - National 1.00
      -14.14% PMH Municipal - National 0.84

      I guess you already know about the cefa and etfconnect sites. One of my favorites to find out what's in bond funds is the Nuveen site. Good investing.