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  • ericdexterus ericdexterus Nov 6, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    solyndra supena and loan guarentees.

    This is probably more about getting future guarantees and the political problems that could be caused by Nevada geothermal if an answer isn't found for their 12% loan they have on one of their plants.

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    • Do you mean small cap like NGPLF? IMO bigger cap ORA can roll over its high cost loan in the current low interest rate environment.

    • There are no guarantees.

      You can count on that.

      Any Great Biz makes it because they are either Best in their field, or gets wiped out, because they were "better than what the world was ready for".

      Has happened before, I'm sure it can happen again.

      In either direction, but I bought a few shares today, because I think ORA is a lot more viable co. than the solar under fire gigs were.

      Not to negate the power of Solar Energy. I think it should be a Subsidized, and Mandated source of free and renewable energy in the Sunbelt states, minimum. If one has to turn on the Electric/coal/nat gas/ whatever energy source to fire up the A/C unit; They are candidates for Solar Panels.

      No doubt about it. Especially in the Sunbelt states, and those which receive more than 40% of daylight hours free of precipitation/cloud cover. There is no reason, other than a lack of goverment commitment to make solar energy "affordable". It's been the Green/New/Renewable song and dance since I was a young kid in the 60's.

      Let's git it on! Make it happen, and make it Affoordable, so some can prove to others how it can work for so many.

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      • Glad I missed the poison of alternate energy preaching during the 60's... Solar is only useful where the grid and distribution system can't reach economically....
        A little older I am still a great fan of nukes....
        What the country needs is 200 new nukes and 100 new coal fired plants... The nukes should be designed to ptoduce hydrogen as a by-product...
        Transfer Nat Gas to Transportation... w/wo fracking...
        Wind will also be economical in limited locations... mostly on the coasts...

        Geothermal will be economic where there is hot water naturally occuring...
        In the future the hydrogen economy (for transportation) will use the NG infrastructure with reformers...

        Havew a good century

      • because it is affordable they want tarrefs on imports. I think prices might be there now all it needs is affordable financing options and a better grid wouldn't hurt. I was reading about some of the problems of two much electricty from hydro/windpower during storms. Maybe a timer to charge a car by a certain time letting the dishwasher run when the utility has surplus letting the dishwasher run when the utility has surplus ,

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