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  • Kingseth Kingseth Dec 14, 2001 9:42 PM Flag


    I ran across something you might like to know. Pet Supply Plus has 160 store in 18 state's. The problem with this industry is that Petsmart is the only store that has a national supply network no other store has one. Petco has tried and is makeing headway but they are not there yet. So you see even if PSP did want to grow they have to build a network and pay for it. They are a private company and that would take alot of overhead money. They would be hard pressed to even resource this out. There is no national distributer in this industry either. That is why most pet stores are mom and pop operations. If you have 4 or more stores in the pet industry you are a big player.

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    • Some of us have found comfort by joining together in cyber prayer.
      Wont you join with us, there's strength in unity.

    • Animal shelters take in all kinds of dogs and do the best they can to match the dogs to the owner. Of course there are some that are bad eggs, but then again I understand that all "FattyMcButterspants" are not as sincere and honest as you are.

      I was impressed by the people that came to the local PETM. They seemed to know their animals and answered my questions very well.

      One of the small prolems we have at the track is people stealing our pet cats and taking to the farms to be used as barn cats. A year ago some thief took 5 cats and put them out on his farm. We eventually got them back.

      A asked if they had "barn cats" available and she said that they would make available the cats that didn't seem to get along with the family they were sent to or otherwise not wanted. Seemed like they were working at their job.

    • I'm glad things worked out for you. I have heard other horror stories. A friend adopted a dog that snapped and bit him relentlessly (the previous owner most likely being some sort of asshole animal torturer) and he had to return it when it made a lunge at his face and almost took off his nose. Did the animal shelter check out this dog? Of course not, that would take away from donut time. You could take a dog in and tell them flat out how terrible it is and they'll ignore you and place it with someone else, thinking that maybe your personalities clashed or something.

      How about that Escondido Animal Shelter fire? Over 100 animals burned to death. No fire detection or alarm system. Apparently, they locked up the shelter at night and said a prayer that the animals would still be alive in the morning. There was plenty of money for salaries, but not a dime for Sensormatic which would've notified the authorities and saved the animals and the structure. You have to keep a close eye on these animal do-gooders. Are they doing good for the animals or themselves?

      When do the Padres make their first appearance at the Q? Is it March or April?


    • I disagree with your statement "The animal shelters are terrible."
      We have a shelter in our nieghborhood that has a terrific and well deserved good reputation.
      I adopted my puppy at the age of two, five years ago and we couldn't be happier.


    • Hey, Ralphie Boy,

      I never said a word about your cat, it was Kingseth who apparently operates the pet store and nothing he said makes much sense anyway. I sympathize with you completely. The animal shelters are terrible. My sister adopted a dog that was a nuisance from the moment she got it. I told her...why do think it wound up in a shelter to begin with? Never again. Don't buy into the shelter's BS. They try to place all matter how sick or dangerous they are. It then becomes YOUR problem.


    • The cat was said to be heathly and had been checked out by a vet.I have forged documents to prove otherwise.I am not a nut.I was saving a animal.You own a pet store you cold unfeeling loser.I wish i new what store.i could image what goes on there.if someone in your family was sick what do you do put them down?

    • 1. Fatty you said yourself. You make money on the add on sales, but if you beleive for a minute the pet crowd does not shop around your nuts. I can tell you right now every person that comes into my store knows what the price an item is somewhere else. A lady just today walked in and said "At Walmart a 10gal. tank set up is 29.95. Who much is yours?". (I did make the sale by the way without giveing a discount.) If you raise the price of Pet foods your clients will know. If you lose these people you lose there add on sales. This will hurt Petco if they raise prices.
      2. What nut takes a cat from an adoption and spends $2500 and blams someone else for your spending. I'll get you a cat and pay for it's first check up and anything that needs done to it at the time. This will only cost you $1250 up front. Thank of it as a half pried cat.

    • Was the referenced post directed to me?
      If yes, I'm not sure why.

    • A few months ago I visited a PETCO store. I noted that they had raised prices on their pet foods significantly.

      Do you have any comment?

      • 1 Reply to on_d_ball
      • The Iams Company just in the past 3 to 4 months raised the price on everyone 1 to 8.5 percent. This has raised the price in every store not just Petco. Up until about a year ago you could only get Iams in pet stores. Now it is in every store that you walk into. Petco and Petsmart were both very dependant on the sale of Iams. They made money on the massive truck loads they sold. This has caused both of them to adjust there thoughts on what they should make the profit on. Petco has decided to stop putting as much value in Iams and Dog foods over all. Look at it this way so you sell half as much but you make twice as much per bag. This leaves you with less money tied into inventory but with the same level of profit.

        I by the way do not agree with this thought, but I do not run Petco. There loss will really come from the add on sales they are lossing with every bag.

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