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  • wphx wphx Jun 11, 2005 9:46 PM Flag


    If you and your roadies get to Phoenix let me know - Maybe Jbob(2K) could join us.

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    • No problem.

    • great stuff!!!As an ex medical corpsman I cannot tell you how important it is for this people to have contact from home. Call your local city hall and pick a pen pal or find out where to send the simple things they need. God bless em and lets hope this BS ends soon.

    • Please thank your daughter for me and ask her to thank her buddies. We owe them much.
      Charles Boyet

    • Thanks ODB

    • I am working with my wonderful co-workers at PetsMart on a little project close to my heart here. We have some gorgeous bomb dogs and drug dogs here that keep us safe and work very hard in the heat. I had the chance to meet
      one of them, he is a 105 lb. black German Shepard named "Brock". He is just gorgeous! I was told by our K-9 team that I can come and play with the dogs anytime I want. We just built them a new kennel here, so the dogs are
      exited. My wonderful company has been working with vendors and there are a lot of very generous people that have decided to donate all sorts of goodies for the K-9's including treats, chewies, and sand flea repellant. The
      K-9 handlers are thrilled and they have dogs all over the country to the point where if they have any extras they will ship to outlying areas.

      I am very exited and thankful for the generous gifts they will receive and I get to deliver them which means I have a great excuse to play with the dogs for a little while.

      That is about all for me. I am on month 7 and have decided I need to be better about keeping up with everyone, but I am getting very very burned out. I have been doing the same job since I got here and it is high stress
      and constant. We were suppose to cross train and that did not happen, as mission dictated, so I am a piece of toast at this point.

      I am thankful I ended up in the job I did though. This is the ultimate logistical/operations challenge. . . war. It challeneges everything I thought I knew about supply chain management and it is much more
      difficult to deal with than manufacturing cars, or figuring out vehicle routing for a
      delivery company, or trying to make a better wigit. It is I think the most primitive roughest foundation of supply chain management, but at the same time it is very innovative in many different ways. I just hope it looks
      good on a grad school application, but I am glad at least I can say I made a difference. That feels good, when I am not a total zombie from exhaustion and I can remember what good feels like!! Just kidding . . . well maybe
      half kidding.

      I am suppose to be getting a 4 day pass to Quatar which I am looking forward to. If I could I would just take 4 days and stay in my room, but they will not let us do that. A number of people have already tried. I have become an avid CSI: Las Vegas fan and have watched season 1,2, and am working on 3.

      We are actually starting to pack already, so I am trying to sort though all of the stuff I have here and figure out what I can send forward now.

      I hope everyone is well. Sorry this is a little short, I just wanted to check in and I will send everyone pictures of the dogs as soon as I
      deliver the goodies to them!

      Please keep me in your prayers, I believe the future will actually be the hardest journey in coming months.

      I have attached a photo of me and one of our Reserve Generals that came to visit us. He is MAJ GEN Cooke, a very nice man who was a pleasure to meet. We all got to have lunch together, and he was truly happy to meet all of
      us and have us give him our perspective on what we do. It was fun to meet a General that really made you feel like his whole visit was just to come see you! He was a very charismatic man and we all decided he looks like Leslie Neilson.

      Lots of love,>>>>

    • I think all Americans should be proud of soldiers such as this one.

      <<<<>>>>Family and Friends (and friends that are family)

      Sorry I have been neglectful about writing, I went back to day shift after returning from R&R in early April and days are much busier!

      I had the wonderful opportunity to see many of you while I was at home and I apologize I just did not have time to see everyone. I tried to keep it a quiet visit home, and was pretty successful.

      Upon returning we have all taken the mentality that this is someone else's world and we are just living in it and this is all one great vacation from the Army. Yes, the heat maybe getting to me, but we are trying to stay
      positive because most of us are just pushed to the max from working so much and general Army politics.

      Work is just the same work and I still can't really talk about it, so moving on to any other new developments. I have been able to eat a ton of Puerto Rican food and Filipino food while I have been here and am enjoying
      every meal I manage to partake in!

      We have a unit that runs the medical clinic from Puerto Rico and I spend some time on Sundays with them eating some great meals. The food is the best meal I get all week and I really look forward to it. They have
      their own field kitchen set up, which the post has not found out about yet, or they just let them keep it.

      Since they canceled Salsa night after the first two months I was here, it is nice to get together and listen to some salsa and eat good food.

      I am still trying all new kinds of exercises while I am here, reading a lot of Shape magazine, so I can have that "Bikini Body" every edition keeps promising. Just don't expect that when I get home! I keep trying to get in the gym more and the 13 hour days are just starting to take their toll.

      I just booked a cruise yesterday to the Western Carribean and I will leave 12 November. I am so exited!! I know for sure I will be home my then. It is a 7 day cruise that hits Belize and Cancun! Lots of little drinks with umbrellas!

      I am hoping to be home by October, but no promises. Until I am on the plane I do not really believe anything they tell me!

    • There is a reason PETM employees smile so often and are happy with their work, while PETC has to go out and hire an employment firm to find their store employees.

      <<<<This is an email I received from my Daughter in Iraq. Many of you have asked to be kept up to speed on "what" she is up to. As you can see, not much comment on her "job", but some insight as to the way of life in Iraq. I'm EXTREMELY thankful she is not in the field, but also EXTREMELY proud of what she is doing. She is no doubt her mother's daughter. Half way around the world and she manages to find the only dogs in several square miles to make friends with. Somehow it does not surprise me.
      Kudos to Pets Mart. Not only are they still supplementing her military pay, they step up to the plate to donate goodies for the Army dogs. Now you can see why she chose this company to work for when she graduated from ASU. They are truly a class act. A few weeks ago Pets Mart sent her a "bonus" for the year, even though she is on leave. As an unpaid commercial.... support those who support our troops! >>>>

      Letter will be in next post

    • ODB,

      I just sent you an e mail that I'd post on the board if I knew how............and if my name didn't appear. It's from a gal that works at PETsMART, but is serving in IRAQ. She talks about some things that PETsMART is doing for the K-9 corps.

      Can you post it?

    • Your last sentence got that right.

    • One would hope that had done enough DD to know what the "E" stands for. but you never know.

      Over 100k has traded after hours last few days, so somebody is doing something.

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