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  • not_a_short not_a_short Jan 13, 2000 2:45 PM Flag


    usiness. A
    decent business but not anything to throw tons of money

    With burning cash at an 80M
    rate like last quarter, they will need a successful
    IPO just to keep it afloat. I think they will have to
    lower their burn rate or risk real trouble. PETM does
    not have deep enough pockets to sustain 40M/year in

    If the .com was such a great business, it
    would be profitable right now.


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    • Great!
      You had to go and mention OMX!
      my breakfast is starting to churn in my

      Just kidding and I'm LOL [laughing]!
      But their 5
      year chart is pitiful; I hope that PETM gets back to
      an upward track or they may end up looking like
      OMX's chart!


    • Where did you come up with a burn rate of $80mil
      for last quarter? Looks way off to

      I see other folks are starting to think about
      consolidation in the pet supply dot com world. IMO, it doesn't
      make any sense for to go after just the dot
      coms. Buy the bricks (PETC) and get the clicks ( 30 %
      of Petopia for free). Better yet, why not buy PETC
      and consolidate Petopia into PETM and partner up with
      Amazon in the process. Not even Wal-Mart et al. will
      stand a chance against these guys. That size entity
      would be able to tell the IAMs of this world when to
      jump and how high.

      My other thought on this
      matter is that timing will become crucial for PETM to
      make this happen. The more successful
      becomes, the more likely it is that someone will take a
      run at them. In this environment, it is eat or be
      eaten. PETC is dinner but they better make it happen
      soon or a bigger dog will take it away from them.

    • lightning_precedes_thunder lightning_precedes_thunder Jan 13, 2000 3:43 PM Flag

      by: not_a_short
      12/22/99 10:47
      Msg: 12347 of 13237
      Thanks for your reply. If
      you are right, this is a great deal for PETM. They
      can erase the losses from the UK operation and show
      much improved operating results. This will highlight
      excellent job management is doing in turning this
      company around. It looks much better for Mr. Francis
      getting his 60% of salary bonus this year.

      these improvements, I may have to change my view of
      this company. Maybe I was wrong. I'll have to go think
      about it.


    • lightning_precedes_thunder lightning_precedes_thunder Jan 13, 2000 3:13 PM Flag

      not_a_short #1
      by: lightning_precedes_thunder
      (33/M/Same Place)
      1/11/00 7:49 pm
      Msg: 13124 of
      wulfaz, let me ad my $.02
      by: Larry_Schlemski

      1/11/00 3:22 pm
      Msg: 13106 of 13122
      following table summarizes the earnings per share impact of
      Company's electronic business joint venture and
      the disposal of the United
      Kingdom retail

      weeks ended

      October 31, 1999 November 1, 1998

      ---------------- ----------------
      <S> <C>
      North America Retail & Catalog Operations $ 0.08
      $ 0.06 (0.09) --
      Kingdom Retail Operations (0.28) (0.01)

      Total earnings per share - basic $ (0.29) $
      ========== ==========

      In other words, the
      No American operations made $.08 per share this year
      vs $.06 last year.
      This came right out of the


      P.S. I have no idea how
      many times this post will be posted.

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