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  • pinvestment pinvestment Jun 28, 2006 11:18 PM Flag

    love those shorts (short)

    nothing makes me happier than having one person with a ton of ID bashing NBIX all the time - I hope there are really many people that feel the need to bash NBIX because they see that NBIX is turning around and their short position is about to catch up with them

    good luck everybody - I hope those shorts will stay with us for a year so when NBIX is 40 I can ask these geniuses why they didn't cover when NBIX was irrationally low

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    • You are so tiresome, you ought to be taken out and shot! How many people held because of your ingenious posts? OK you are 100% correct in what you say, so what? This is the stock market not the Mayo Clinic, the market says there is something wrong (70 to 10). What is it? My guess poor execution makes great products non starters in the marketplace which makes the rest of your pipeline suspect. The market does not like uncertainty, oh by the way neither does the FdeeA. For the 5th time where is your link to the FDA letter? Sorry for the people who held from the 50s and above but my question is where was the basic elment of investing called a "STOP Loss"? In the mean time asshole keep handing ou the Kool aid. Still watching I will be in when the market says to be in.

    • we are all shaking in our boots, were you the class nerd or what? Pfizer pulled the plug Why? after investing $500M and they didn't even wait for the FDA meeting. they dropped the bitch like a cheap HO. tell us oh great investor why?

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