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  • beachbarbob beachbarbob Jul 1, 2006 9:11 AM Flag

    two other hurdles cleared

    the fluffanutter......pinhead post with no substance than he accuses those who oppose his views as having no substance. His facts come from his babbling ass which he can't back-up when repeatedly ask to. He got trapped at $20 in NBIX and if anybody shoots of his mouth its this clown. Please read all his posts over the past month and come to your own conclusions. pinhead is the king of the pumpers,,,, His nickname is the fluffanutter

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    • barbie bob

      I was hoping you guys would sleep in today...Please stop with the snide remarks, Pin has every right to speak his mind...

    • Sorry, but most of us think the opposite of what you stated. His posts are backed up with facts and are very proper and educated. Your posts are void of content and show an evident lack of education, both, on the substantive part and in manners. You are worthless to longs and shorts.

    • Beachbarboob you are out of your league dealing with Pin. I thought your posts had no substance on the Elan Board and now the same is on the NBIX Board.

      I suggest you put a little sunscreen on and spend your time getting a few rays rather then cluttering up the Message Boards.

      Anybody who bought NBIX at 20 and below will be rewarded if they hold for a year or more.

      However, I do feel you are in the running for king of the dumpers although you have some serious competitors on this Board for the tile.

    • FYI

      I started around 20 and have added since it has dropped - let me say this slowly - diversified portfolio - no margin - don't buy all shares at once - find super undervalued or misunderstood occurences - use medical and research knowledge to assess drugs in pipeline versus competitors, understand market size, read available info on target companies drugs, read all info on competitor companies and drugs, consider length of trials etc - determine a value for each drug singularly and pipeline as a whole - determine financial situation of company - understand capital structure

      wait for long term - i like to find companies that can do a 5 bagger or more - i think NBIX due 10-bagger or more in three years

      BTW - when you cite i haven't posted anything to support my position please go back and re-read all of my posts - it is all there - since I am willing to discuss results and anything about recent marketing deals, the science , the tox etc I think you are going to have a hard time hanging with me by just blowing smoke

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      • When i do some work that i enjoy my mind can wander and i can try to think of certain things from many different angles - today i was trying to figure out the best reason why NBIX could possibly be at 10+ despite its deep pipeline , cash on hand, potential cash from GSK, and valuable property

        1. I guess most obvious is that the price of a company is a factor of its trading - if people need to sell and are willing to take a lower price then the price will go lower - I guess this could occur as a result of window dressing for the quarter end or possibly because of the lack of undertanding surrounding the FDA process of approval - i.e. some people think an approvable letter is a bad thing such as the FDA doesn't like the data - if you go back and look at the FDA's behavior over the last year it is not approving anything on the first time through ( except for lucentis yesterday - i do not understand how DNA has such a spell on the FDA , it gets drugs approved and keeps its drugs on the markets when they show life threatening or death causing side effects -

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