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  • biotex2000 biotex2000 Mar 25, 2010 9:02 AM Flag

    NBIX ever update the science?!

    Looking back over the past year's press releases, I see a lot about administrative stuff, obligatory earnings, and of course DILUTION....but I see no updates on NBIX's work! Are they not making any progress? Are trials not concluding and new ones beginning? New partners? New discoveries? Are they even conducting scientific research..or just printing paper to feed lavish salaries?

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    • If you invest in Biotech companies you should become very familiar with the clinical trials website. If you go to the site and just simply look up neurocrine you would find several trials..if you examine the studies you will see some which have recently completed, are ongoing, etc. and if you look carefully you can see when they were last updated. Her's one to start with;

      This one was just updated which means the data is being compiled for reporting. So, I would expect some kind of results in the next 3-6 months depending on the study length and number of participants and kind of data collected. You should know about most of the studies for your biotechs..I'm ceaselessly amazed by investors who expect study results immediately or don't realize that some studies take 2-3 years or even more to recruit enough patients....and that doesn't count the fact that some studies are performed with their subjects over years of time. You wonder why that new diabetes drug is expensive?? It probably took 6 or 7 years of clinical trials alone forget about the pre-clinical stuff which gets it past the FDA hoops to allow a company to use it on people. Updat your data, and be resourceful or invest in retail.

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