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  • frogsleapmerlot frogsleapmerlot Jun 26, 2010 9:21 AM Flag

    The second coming of NBIX

    I have been following NBIX since 1997 buying 1000 shares at around $4.60. Held those shares thru the Pfizer Indiplon deal, watching the stock go to low 70's. Having insurance via $45 put options saved my azzy when Indiplon got rejected by the FDA. Bought back in after the crash at $7. Held those shares again thru the second Indiplon crash. Got to sell those shares at a loss a short time later for about $5.00 on an Elagolix partnership coming rumor bounce. Gormanm was good for something. Re-entered the stock at various points since than as low as $2.29.

    Well its now "The Second Coming on NBIX" With the Elagolix partner in place, SPA being filed for same protocols as the 901 study. CRF women depression data due in SEPT/OCT via GSK partnership which has been in place since 2001.

    We are seeing the retransformation of NBIX into a tier two Biotech company with very significant promise. In the longer term the stock is going up how high only the stock gods know. I'am betting on $10 by year-end and Higher Prices as the pipeline moves forward.

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    • < Game is rigged but I still play it.>

      Don't we all, pal. I mean, even if you stuff it under the mattress Uncle Ben will inflate it all away for you. At least in this game you get a chance to win :).

    • i'm waitin. but it just keeps droppin! even after solid earnings!

    • Was perusing the NBIX board today and reading current board posters and how they are watching this for me/us daily. Like the good soldiers in Cuba guarding the wall...meantime I check in from time to time, maybe a few times a year...looks like it's time to turn my giant annual NBIX hourglass over again...this gives investing for the long term a bad name...but with all drug developments in the pipeline and the need of Big Pharma to replenish their lines I still (perhaps foolishly) think one of these years NBIX will have it's day in the sun. Game is rigged but I still play it.


    • Mr Merlot

      nice to see and old friend posting on the NBIX board. Is AKUG or Ponyupshorts still around. We did have a good crew back than.

      I agree NBIX has turned around after complete failure via Indiplon and GL.



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      • I am still a NBIX Investor!
        Still have some of my original purchase of ...yikes...3/25/98 !!! @ 8 3/8. Remember when stock sold in fractions.
        Perused my files of the good (sold @ 53.07 on 12-28-01) the bad, and the ugly (the slaughter on my daughters 13th b-day 5/16/2006).

        Made and lost some money on NBIX over the years, so I happy to see the stock get off the mat.

        Best wishes and hopes for all the faithful longs still holding...
        will post again soon.

        Great to see the old names hanging in.


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