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  • fstout57 fstout57 Jun 27, 2011 5:07 PM Flag

    nbix has pipeline of drugs

    and their pe is 114. I own this and it's not good. This stock used to be a high flyer, what happened?

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    • I own NBIX too.

      NBIX is a 4 year nightmare, I'm ready to cut my loss and move on!!!

      Indiplon was the drug touted by NBIX as the savior for insomnia. Unfortunately, I fell under the spell that NBIX was going to get Indiplon or another sexy alluring blockbuster drug approved for market; all we got was tittilation with major milestones payments and promises for the next big drug blockbuster.

      Sadly, it's just been a neverending story,after stories. I've finally waken from this nightmare and realize NBIX's extensive pipeline is only pipe dreams evolving to nightmare for shareholders.

      I just felt the need to write it down, express my displeasure with NBIX management and their lousy performance for which they are richly awarded $1mill bonuses and compensation.

      Mgmt gets the Goldmine, Investors get the Shaft!

      Four years later, for my loyalty and patience, I get rewards of a 40% loss! Perhaps, as another poster pointed out, NBIX is only for Range Trading; NBIX is definitely not for a Buy 'n Hold investment.

      There, I vented and feel better. Hope all you Longs better luck than I've had with NBIX.



    • PE of 114 with last years total data -trailing - looking forward it gets better each quarter. it is very good. read up.

    • fstout57,

      Not trying to pick a fight, but if you are asking those type questions you know nothing about Neurocrine. Do you know they have been around 18 years and have yet to produce a commercial product? Do you know all their revenue comes from partnership deals for future drug development? Have you ever heard of Indiplon and the Pfizer partnership terminated in 2006/2007? Price earnings ratio means nothing for a company like Neurocrine, it is all about the efficacy and safety of drugs in the pipeline. Have a good day.


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