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  • mabiwauza mabiwauza Mar 27, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    may go back to $5.00

    not looking good.imo.

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    • Don't know, goirish... I did not TELL you, I ASKED you to stop the name calling... As I said, I <heard>, what could be totally unsunstantiated, but could also be proven true in the future...

      If you want to, of course. Regardless, my skin is pretty thick, trust me on this one.

      This does not change the course of this third rate company and its stock...

    • You said, "No proof here - but I learned that Abbott will pull the plug on the collaboration with Neurocrine."

      You want me to take it easy on the name calling?

      When you stop lying, I'll stop name calling.

      And if you'd prefer I just use "self-serving rumor monger with no interest in truth", rather than strictly speaking "a liar", I can go that way instead. It's just shapes of gray.

    • No it still doesn't add up -- because if you really believe Neurocrine is going under, you should sell all your shares even at a loss and just go short without the burden/risk of owning any of it. From then on your short position will be pure profit.

    • Because I am shorting intraday, for small gains to offset my "paper loss"... Been doing great yesterday and today.

      Regardless, I truly believe Neurocrine is going under. And soon.

      OK? Do things add up now?

    • tr444 you said you are also holding the bag -- why then are you bashing a stock you are holding? It doesn't add up.

      Why not just sell already so you're no longer a bag holder; then you can bash all you want without hurting your own portfolio if NBIX goes down to 5 indeed as you think it will.

    • Listen Goirish...

      Go have a cold one and chill out... I am holding the bag here as well...

      And take it easy with the name-calling... And in the spare time read the Constitution about freedom of speech, extended to typing on Yahoo...


    • Nice way to try to justify your behavior.

      Let's just call you what you are, a self-serving liar.

      Everything else is noise.

      Now you can justify that in some way, now and in the future, but it's right there for both of us to see. You have to live with it everyday. I don't.

    • Thanks for looking out for me... These Yahoo boards are just for that, rumors, opinions, pumping, bashing...
      These are not meant for sworn statements.

      Those moving the pps down or up are not you or me, or anyone else posting $0.02 worth on this board, trust me... Much bigger players.

      When Abbott pulls the plug, they will appease Neurocrine with some token compensation... No problem, they can afford it.

      Neurocrine has no ace up the sleeve... To the contrary, a mighty thin and questionable pipeline.

    • Be very careful with those kinds of statements (rumors). They are the kind of things that get you in really hot water with the law.

      You want us to be scared about NBIX. You ought to be scared about ending up in jail and with a hefty fine.

    • tr444,

      Abbott just filed a Special Protocol Assessment with the FDA for a Phase III trial for Elagolix for endometriosis. They are also in the middle of a Ph II trial with Elagolix for uterine fibroids. They paid $30 million in milestone payments to Neurocrine last year. Who told you they are going to pull the plug. Just curious.


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