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  • investormdpart2 investormdpart2 Jan 3, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    This is why I like NBIX in 2013

    NBIX commented that they didn't know if Abbvie would discuss the UF data. If its positive you can bet they'll be presenting it at conferences and profiling it more aggressively on their analyst materials. Abbvie is all about their pipeline so I don't expect them to sit on solid data...they'll be promoting it. It's NBIX that can't release any data.

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    • I think they said this on one of their quarterly conference calls...maybe two calls back?? It was just something along the lines of maybe Abbott will mention it and maybe they won't. They didn't know. However, my guess is that AbbVie will mention any positive phase 2 results because they need to drive up their stock price. I'm actually thinking about grabbing some their pipeline. Am a big fan of the Galapagos JAK1 that AbbVie is developing for rheumatoid arthritis.

      AbbVie is basically in a race against time because their cholesterol drug is going off patent and Humira goes off patent in 2017. They are looking for a replacement and if Phase 2 UF data is good then Elagolix could be one of their answers.

      I am a very long term investor also....I was here initially when the focus was on CRF antagonists. That was a long time ago. It's nice to see NBIX resurrected after the insomnia debacle. Only a few companies can rebuild and make it back to the spotlight. I know there have been lots of changes but it's nice to see NBIX as a potential player again.

    • Really!!!!!!! So Kevi is now stating they may talk about UF results a slight reversal from they won't be talking. He may have stumbled upon reality

      But than again Kevi has mis-spoken on several hundred occasions in the past so you may be right. At least Gary L gave us straight talk no parsing of words.

      Time will tell but don't hold your breath on abbvie talking about P2 results.

      A very longtime long as most of you know ,,,,,,, but critical of current management.


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