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  • musti89 musti89 Aug 16, 2001 8:51 AM Flag


    Gosh, talk about a one-sided negative post.

    1. Regarding year over numbers, one year ago the stock was over $7, today it is four bucks, so to compare numbers without taking into account a devasted, current stock price makes no sense.

    2. The numbers have historically been choppy, but the current guidance is superb. Plus, how many companies are even giving guidance in this market.

    3. The fact that BDR has become a strong growth play in this horrible market is very impressive.

    4. BDR never operated on much cash, your ratio is of no new news. Their current ratio is fine, even if they don't meet the numbers, unlike your comment that you ".. sure hope they meet their numbers...". The balance sheet is absolutely fine for current and future market conditions, that's all that matters.

    5. No inventory writedowns, the book value looks quite real and is substantially higher then the stock price/ Add to that very nice projected EPS numbers over the next couple quarters, and it is plain to see why the volume is WAY UP and people are BUYING. I'm sure there will be pullbacks, but the trend imo appears up.

    6. Net/net: the company is in a substantially better position then they were one year ago when there stock was nearly twice as high. And this time around, they even have visibility into the rest of the year.

    7. I agree, the name of the company is nothing to write home about, something a little more "modern/upbeat" could only help.

    8. Someone out there recognizes the stock as a steal at $4.

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    • 1. I am not just talking year over year, I am talking about their entire history, which encompases the greatest bull market ever. Inconsitent earnings= bad management = bad stock.

      2. Exactly, how many companies are providing specific guidance. Not many, which is why I think the potential to dissapoint is higher than it would be otherwise. It is this kind of management that has caused poor stock performance.

      3. STRONG GROWTH?! Sorry, 1q of good growth folowed by 1q of slow growth (all projected) does not qualify.

      4. Please tell me why u think a more than 14 debt/equity ratio is fine. (That is an estimate since they won't say how much cash they have). The long term debt that they switched to current liabilities is due to be payed soon. In order to pay this they will have to borrow more in long term debt, sell assests like their building (I don't think they want to do that), or get some serious postive cash flow. That is why they have to hit on all cylinders in the next year (which would be a novelity for this company). There is a reason their valuation is so low, a lot of companies in similar positions, with no cash and bad history, go out of buisiness.

      5/6. Though I don't care about the book value (WBVN had a book value of 5 or something went they file chapter 11), the company does look a lot better than it did just a week ago. Despite all my negative comments if this company can gain market penetration, meet projected growth and continue that growth, those risktakers out there could make a hefty profit.

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      • Where on earth did you get a 14 to one (or 1400%) debt to equity ratio which Yahoo lists it at 48%. I also looked at the 10 Q and debt related items both current and long term is 17.521 million and stock holders equity of 39.387 million or a 44% ratio which is another improvement from Q1. I don't think that is out of line especially in light that this company ALWAYS have shown a positive cash flow from operations even when the company has shown accounting losses.

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