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  • fisk007 fisk007 Dec 10, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    Question Texas Instruments

    It is a known fact that Texas Instruments is a key partner of Apple.

    Could there be any connection between the Uni-Pixel / Texas Instruments Agreement last February and business with Apple?

    To be clear - I am NOT saying there IS a connection...

    Just wondering if there is a chance...a chance that the recently announced deal COULD involve Apple?

    Or is it unlikely?

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    • maybe, but definitely not in the I-phone space as AAPL has patented their in-cell touch for use in that space. I-pad and maybe even the I-pad mini could be a possibility.

    • UniPixel and Texas Instruments Collaborate on Advanced Touch Screen Solutions February 2012

      In addition to defining a collaboration effort intended to integrate TI's touch controllers with UniPixel's UniBoss™ printed touch sensors, the memorandum outlines the terms of a potential definitive agreement involving marketing and sales efforts.

      "While this relationship is initially aimed at ensuring that UniBoss touch sensor films are fully operational with TI's touch screen controller chip family, we believe the ultimate value of this working relationship is in the potential to yield integrated touch solutions that are superior to what each company could accomplish independently," said UniPixel CEO Reed Killion.

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      It appears that Texas Instruments supplies the touch controllers in the iPhones per an article from September 20, 2012 by chipworks.

      Any POSSIBLE connection here?

      No idea.

    • Apple highly unlikely for the reasons mentioned. My money is on HP being the partner...

    • TI had an exclusive deal with AAPL on touch controllers. That exclusive has expired and TXN is scrambling to replace AAPL business since AAPL can now dual source, or potentially replace TXN. AAPL may even be working to produce their own controllers now.

      The deal with TXN did not involve AAPL in any way.

      We should all remember that on the most recent call, Reed specifically mentioned that there was a sales & marketing agreement with TXN in the works. We might hear more about it by year end.

      The company also has another large OEM deal which may be signed in the next few months.

      It's nice to talk about the big numbers that are possible for UNXL, but the company is going to have a tremendous job ahead to execute according to plan. If they're successful, the earnings ramp will be remarkable.

    • Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung???

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