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  • reddryad reddryad Dec 16, 2012 12:43 PM Flag

    I've been doing my usual slumming around the net and have a theory.

    I've shuffled through several institutional holders transactions and I've concluded that a good part of institutional buying in the touch sensor space is NOT specific company driven! There is for sure some specific buying of UNXL - but I feel It appears to me that general interest in the space may be driving alot of buying. It makes sense, a lot of the buying started in the late summer and continues today - accelerating in fact, bigger positions being taken. I think the institutions (especially those mainly tech related) saw windows 8 coming and, like us, saw that would drive touch enabled device growth. Like any good investor you can magnify your investment by finding the associated smaller companys where any growth is ... well - magnified...... by general trends..

    My point.. we are still so under the radar, just wait until we really make general news and find ourselves being RECOGNIZED as a leader, possibily THE leader in non-ITO solutions!

    we ain't seen nothing yet.....

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      Nobody...generally aware. Still way under the radar.

      Just look at the quote page for UNXL.

      At the section of "People viewing UNXL also viewed:"

      All there is is one ticker....FB.

      EVERY other company has 5 other tickers.

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      • This company is completely under the radar.

        It may not seem so to the long timers here due to the big jump a week ago.

        But in reality - this company is completely unknown among the investing community as well as trading community.

        One thing that is known...

        Fidelity Investments, Wellington Capital, and Kevin Douglas became aware of UNXL back in August.

        That is a known.

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