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  • fisk007 fisk007 Dec 17, 2012 11:34 PM Flag

    First Solar Similarity

    First Solar burst onto the scene in 2004-2006 with a better thin film Solar Cell to compete with and replace the legacy crystalline silicon solar cell.

    Uni-Pixel is providing a new touch screen technology to replace ITO touch screens - the legacy touch screen technology.

    FSLR began sales in mid 2003 with a mere $3.2 Million in sales. They grew the business to $13.5 Million in 2004, $48 Million in 2005 and $135 Million in 2006. They went public in late 2006 at a $1.6 +/- Billion valuation.

    CU has estimated UNXL revenues of $28 Million in 2013 with $54 Million in 2014.

    Would think Private Equity valued FSLR at $300 Million in 2004, $750 Million in 2005, $1.50 Billion in 2006 prior to the IPO.

    Would a valuation of $500 Million in 2013 seem unreasonable for UNXL?

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    • Apparently the answer to the question posed on December 17th:

      "Would a valuation of $500 Million in 2013 seem unreasonable for UNXL?"

      is NO.

    • I think that in determining valuation for the first year or two that the P/E will be somewhat inflated because of a tutes sqeeze. I'll bet it runs north or ATML's P/E of 33 for a while especially when more contracts are announced. $28M X 33 = $924M

      That's also why I really fear a takeover only because that's happened to me before. It just seems too good to be true. This is a stock I hope that I can stay long on for at least the next 4 to 5 years.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "Manufacturer of photovoltaic modules designed for large scale, grid connected and off grid solar power plants."

      Entirely different market--we are talking cutting the cost of consumer (billions of users) electronic products when you take a component that now runs at the $80 per unit COG and cut it to $40 COG, you are in an entirely different arena.

    • Wondering why Fidelity Investments, Pyramis Global Advisors, Wellington Capital and Kevin Douglas would be the sources of funding in the August Secondary.

      It seems like they were convinced that Uni-Pixel was within 6 +/- months of securing signficiant deals and ramping revenues.

      It seems like a VC type funding - except in this case UNXL was public traded.

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      • Why did the former founder and CEO of L-3 Communications just take a majority position in LED firm RVLT in September?

      • That's the beauty of owning UNXL. A pittance of a market cap even at $14, selling into the hottest industry on the planet, talking to all of the right people/partners with the best technology currently available at the lowest possible cost. NOBODY (can i repeat that again), NOBODY will complete against UNXL on cost. I also believe that other competing technologies will not offer any substantial performance advantage that would justify their added cost. Think about it, will you as a consumer pay an additional $20 for your device if their touch technology worked 0.1 seconds faster. My answer is heck no as I won't notice the difference. This stock is cool and will soon get alot cooler!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Dec 18, 2012 12:14 AM Flag

      No, this space is smoking hot and getting hotter.


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