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  • grindle00 grindle00 Jan 18, 2013 10:59 AM Flag

    Tough stock to cover shorties

    Where are the shorts going to get enough stock to cover all those shares they shorted?? I'm guessing the short interest may be upwards of 1.5MM shares. The float is diminishing by the day. Your computers are still wrong and your BS authors and posters have all been refuted, and some have even been accused of outright lying, and you can barely get the stock down below $16. Your average cost probably can't be above this price as most of you idiots shorted into our big $5 Monday move with an avg VWAP of $13.50. If you have a profit, take it and congrats on the nice trade. If you're losing money, bury your head in the sand and hope tomorrow is a better day. That's always a great approach to take for traders!! Why don't you come over from the dark side and join all of us that have done the FUNDAMENTAL research on this company and industry. You can use your power to make money when a stock goes up for a change!!! Novel idea, I know, but just a suggestion

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    • Grindle

      Shorts can get it a lot lower if they want to devote the resources to do it, but they are not stupid, and have to be asking themselves whether it is worth it to establish a short position of 1.5 to 2.0 million shares at an average buy in price of $15 or more.

      For them to make a profit they are betting:
      1. Management will make no announcements to counter their shorting activity. Bad bet, as any price below 16.35 for any length of time will destroy the value of managment's recently granted options, and spur them to action.
      2. The unidentified OEM will be a small player when identified. Bad bet, as the "industry chatter" indicates otherwise.
      3. No new announcements will come out of CES. Bad bet, as recently established relationships in the space will attract more interest for companies looking for lower cost touch screen solutions.
      4. Company cannot deliver on the quality and quantity of its forecasted production. Bad bet, because the unidentified OEM has done its due diligence, and is fronting UNXL $15 million before a single unit is produced.

      The only reasonable chance they have for success is to destroy the confidence that investors have in this company through a campaign of misinformation and price manipulation before all the really good news is fully incubated and released. These shorts don't care about the development of a good product. All they care about is perceptions, and how investors trade on their perceptions, and will expend enormous amounts of money to fleece them out of their hard earned profits that they are otherwise entitled to.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • When the next deal hits, and the next, the short position will actually aid the longs.
      Frantic covering will gap this thing wide open as soon as Reed releases the hounds.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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