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  • txamag89 txamag89 Feb 7, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    Institution visits to UniPixel

    I just spoke with someone inside at UniPixel. They have institutions meeting up there again today. All of the programs are on track. Setting up of the needed equipment for the announced partner is on track. That should set us up for a very good CC, and a nice price increase post call.

    I know some of you are going to ask who I spoke to. Understand, I was an angel investor in Tralas, the Company that spun off UniPixel. I have known many people inside for a lot of years. I will not divulge my source. You can choose to believe me or not, but this is what I was just told.

    Always do your own DD, as I am doing mine.

    Good Luck.

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    • Hey tx, When you go preaching "always do your own DD" and " I've been involved with this company longer than you have " perhaps you're telling the truth, but at the same time you sound like a complete stooge. No one asked for your information, that would mean you volunteered it. So then why complain?

    • thanks for the heads up

      i guess that means you're an a&m aggie class of 89

      well, i'm University of Texas, class of 75

      hoookem horns

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    • TX, thanks so much for your post, sharing your discussions with the company, plus your insight with your long experience with UNXL. Forget about 'mike' below or even responding to guys like that; they're just perennial complainers, naysayers, or to be more blunt: just buffoons. Please don't hesitate to post as often as you wish, as I'm sure I'm speaking for many by saying it is greatly appreciated.

      Long and strong in UNXL

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      • I'm not sure if this was directed towards me.

        I am a major supporter of UNXL and have been for the last 1 1/2 years. I have put together a substantial position in this company because I have felt for a long time that this is the real deal. If you have a sizeable position, then we are in similar circumstance. We have faith and confidence that Unipixel will deliver all that is being promised.

        My background:
        Currently I am a Pharmacist but before that I was a Chem E. I graduated from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!). Being a Chem E, I have a really good understanding of Engineering design and how difficult it is to put the design into application. On time and on demand is not an easy task.

        Fortunately for UNXL, the staff has a great deal of experience with roll to roll application. This embossing, copper mesh technology that they have developed has shortened the process to eight steps; this will also make the transition into production smoother and less complex.

        I also understand that roll to roll vs batch makes this model far closer to steady state production than any other process out there. This is a huge advantage and is often under-emphasized. It is one of the reasons that the margin will be so great, because it is far more efficient and can be done in ambient conditions.

        However, there are always unexpected problems that are going to arise. Hopefully, there will be none that are too expensive or too timely to correct. Reed Killion mentioned one problem in one of the recent conference calls about "art" or "decoration." I would have to listen again but I know he didn't elaborate much about it. It just sounded like it was a hurdle that they were trying to deal with. My guess is that it was some type of adherence issue for logos but that is just a guess.

        I read everything I can find about this company. I really am grateful when someone on the boards finds something interesting and shares it. But it is difficult to sift through some of the garbage. I myself am not always right either but I try to keep the best informed that I can.

        I try to keep my skepticism bottled up; sometimes it may come out wrong. I'll bet if we were talking face to face rather than on some message board we would probably find each other quite agreeable.

        I plan on being at the next shareholder's meeting; if you're there I'll buy you a Pepsi.


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    • Hey Tex.... same here. Been with the company 10+ yrs... angel investor back when it was Tralas and Sky Wave.... lol. Lost a bunch with the initial investment but have made it back and more. But this is just the beggining! IMHO

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      • Mike:

        Good to hear from a long time investor. I, like you, lost a lot of money on my "angel" investment, but that allowed me to keep my eye on this little company as its knowledge from the old days allowed it to develop a new technology. Amazing the lessons you learn by failing. I have made all of my old investment back, and then quite a bit more. I look forward to the run that I believe is coming. Hope it happens. After 10+ patient years, we earned it.

        Good luck.

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    • I guess we'll see if this is all crapola or not starting tomorrow morning won't we? I've read everything I can possibly find on this company. I own more shares than I probably should. I am in this for years unless something really jacked up happens and I'm starting to get even more annoyed than fnkenny at some of the stuff I come across.

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    • I heard the same and didnt post as i wouldnt give up my source either...

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    • I have no idea who your source is, but I have heard similar things... so I believe you. If you care to grace us with anymore of your knowledge, it is always appreciated :)

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    • Sure you did, well believe you. Lol

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