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  • fnkenny fnkenny Apr 5, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    Reed the master of the miss.....

    Missed "Sooner", Missed 4 weeks......about to miss 6 weeks......Reed you're as bad as the idiots on the board...we have our own morons guessing at dates, predicting stock price....maybe you should be posting here you would fit right in....for god sakes, you're the CEO of the company. When you say something we should be able to count on it...nice going reed-tard

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    • Come on now Kenny, I know you're smarter than this...

      1. He hasn't missed it yet. Monday and Tuesday are very likely days for the deal given they are after the weekend.

      2. You know that it isn't in his control. He obviously assumed some delays in his 4-6 week timeline, but there were even more than he expected. Legal is slow.

      3. You're right, he shouldn't have said 4-6 weeks. He should have said 1-2 months, or maybe even 1-3 months. And he shouldn't have stressed "or sooner" so much. Those are his mistakes, but assuming the deal gets done within the next week or two, nobody will care.

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      • CH....honestly, i wouldnt have cared if it was a couple of weeks out...but why say it and then say it again?
        When you say "sooner" that tells me the deal is done and 6 weeks should be the way outside date. I understand things are not always in his control with regards to deal but what is in his control is the words he uses and the impact they have. This isnt the first time Reed has done something like this and im sure it wont be the last...he simply cant help himself. Im long here and will be for sometime....the deal will done and the price will move.....i wont forget that what he says must be taken as "Reed speak" and not fact (at least in timing). Regards, Kenny

    • The mistake was in his saying it--twice. It's a sign of misplaced confidence, bordering on arrogance. Something he also said was, "We check our ego's at the door." I wish he were mindful of that more often. He could have said, 'in a few months'; 'in the near future'; 'we're in talks', but . . .

      And he should be held accountable for what he says in my opinion.

      Be that as it may,, this deal will happen, perhaps not in the timeline stated, but it will happen. We would do well to focus on that and deal with the words later. For what it's worth.

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