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  • rbg5r rbg5r Apr 19, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    I fear 4 UNXL longs. It will be a long sad weekend in pixie land.

    I have yet to get verifiable evidence of this whole charade. I fear that many have been mislead. All you people do is shoot off your mouths. If anyone really had a investment here you would be in Rochester speaking to manufacturing engineers. Is bankrupt kodak a part of the manufacturing process? Or are they just leasing vacant space. God knows that have 100 and 100's of acres of vacant buildings. Why didnt Intel just put up the 38 million. They are sitting of 10's of billions.

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    • I'd have a beer with you, buddy. We may be on the opposite sides, but it's only money. Who gives a ssst in the end, as long as we had fun.

    • I live in Rochester I have stated here, I have seen the work being done to the facility and read two periodicals, the Rochester Business Journal and The Democrat & Chronicle..i cant say it any plainer than that

    • I certainly am concerned, and I read everything i can find on UNXL. At this moment the balance seems to indicate the investment is good. I'm paying close attention to your posts and others that believe it is a charade. It wouldn't be very educational to read a MB and just find a cheerleading section. I've seen mention from you or another negative poster that they are well covered with calls. That suggests they they are making a significant investment to cover their #$%$ should this be a fraud. They certainly wouldn't be spending those recourses if they truly believed what they are so aggressively posting, so I believe even the shorts are concerned with the posture they have taken. I'm not excited for anyone to lose a bunch of money, there has been profitable short action and long action in the stock - that's great. But when you post let's try to offer insight, information, or as in fnkenny's case, some humor. Your posts are just whining - why do you bother to spend time on this forum? Do you hate the people that are hoping to make some money on this? Is this just your nature and you can't find anyone else to listen to? Why don't you be a big boy and bring something to the table or just fade away? Seriously, you're the last person I'd want to have a beer with.

    • how does a 15% loss today feel? wait until tomorrow, when unxl trades at 27. that is what you said yesterday rbg5r: you said 27 for today!! YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU ARE ALWAYS ARONG SO GO EAT YOUR CHEESEBURGERS AND HAVE A BEER OR TWO AND GO FIND YOUR MONEY TO COVER!! see ya monday...........

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    • Yea I'm long I'm super scared where to put all this money Wednesday lolz

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    • that's been the point all along go get verifiable evidence - maybe you can call up that lefty at citron - I'm sure he'll manufacture some for you - have a pleasant weekend -

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