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  • wirthsuze wirthsuze Apr 25, 2013 4:47 PM Flag

    All newbies!!

    The short position holders are DESPERATE and will lie, deceive and twist any facts and truths. Remember new longs that 70% of the stock is held by institutions who love this company. The shorts are stuck big time and this price is headed much higher because they know they have to buy to cover their short positions. Don't believe a negative word they hype and type on this board.

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    • Bump,,,,,,,, i always want to bump Suze!!!!

    • Listen this has been a spec stock since it took off. Is it upside down hell yeah...
      It does offer some solid potential though, how exact is the unknown. That's why it a spec stock people.
      Your playing momentum and there has been money made.
      April 30 conference call will tell where it goes. Me I think $50.00 will be made in the next 2 weeks.
      We are all betting here, if you can't afford the bet this probably isn't the right stock for you..
      If you took it up the butt with your option plays boo who go cry in your beer. If you played the fluctuations with some limits and pulled profit and got back in great. If you bought it at 10 and held great.
      For those of us making money someone has to lose that money..
      If I was on the losing end I wouldn't be down talking this stock, I be figuring out a way to ride the wave.....

    • listen u idiot, this stock and its movement has nothing to do with shorts. it is about product. are you people that stupid not to know that? i mean really. how many times am i going to have to tell u people this? y must i always be the voice of reason? i will say it again. if this stock is all that it is suppose to be, you may get rich. regardless of how many shares are short. if it doesnt have the product, it is a one dollar stock. simple, very simple.

    • The shorts are nearing their breaking point, hence the surge when UNXL hit new highs at $41 a couple of weeks ago.

      We have almost recovered all of that back, AND BY the first day of trading after the call, should management continue to deliver, we will be looking at new high territory AGAIN and the shorts alone could drive it significantly higher when they cover...and they know it. Like a deer in the headlights they stand still, facing impending DOOM.

    • thank you suze!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 36% held by institutions not 70%

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      • in4thedeal, you are right that yahoo finance says 36%, but it is missing a significant portion of the institutions. For example, if you go to the Nasdaq website, you will see that they still haven't updated Wellington's 880k purchase in Q1. They also don't include major holders such as Columbus Capital and Kevin Douglas.

        Using Bloomberg's "Major Holders" function, which includes all of these institutions and major holders, the true institutional ownership is approximately 70%

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