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  • vvvvvvrebel89130 vvvvvvrebel89130 Apr 28, 2013 8:47 AM Flag

    alpodell - april 15 short numbers irrelevant

    i'm surprised you used those numbers in your article or that anyone even cares about them as those number are pre-secondary, which trumps everything

    we had a 3mm shr day due to the secondary AFTER THE 15TH; ya think shorts covered then?
    i do

    next short interest will be for the 30th as the reporting period

    that's the number i care about and the one to focus on as the full impact of the secondary will be reflected in that

    also, it will relfect short int as of the day of the earnings report/conference call

    i suspect a ton of shorts covered on the fall, but then restarted shorting on the way up

    my best guess/hope is short int over 4 mm on the 30th with many more nekid shorts as long posted; don't think its 2mm as he guessed but the fact that we were on the reg sho list tells me there's lots of nekid shorts out there

    i follow this board, iv and the pulse page here

    check the tweets on pulse; it is mind boggling how many doubters there are who still don't believe the unxl story
    i've been here in dec; in dec, the shorts had a case to make; not now

    anyway, next week is a huge week

    we get shipping news with the earnings report
    i hope we get guidance but i tend to agree with ch that reed won't give guidance, but one thing about reed, he sure isn't bashful about the unxl story

    big question on the call will be the kodak split

    while i'm rambling, insider stock grants, mentiion by another company and the shorts haven't covered

    doesn't get much better than this for longs

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    • You really think Reed will give us the details of the Kodak deal at the cc? He usually keeps that stuff confidential for as long as he can. My suspicion is that his deal with Kodak requires it to remain secret until EKDKQ is out of bankruptcy and ready to impress.

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    • You are right, reb, but I wanted to hasten to correct longunxl's inflated numbers promptly, and this was the best I could do at 4am on a Sunday morning. The reason I did not want to wait for the April 30 number is because I didn't want a lot of longs to be disappointed then by numbers likely to be far below the 6.2 million constantly touted by longunxl, so I felt it was best to get out now whatever I could over the wknd so folks could digest it and be prepared for the April 30 number. Surely not a perfect technique, but better than sitting silent i felt. .

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    • Date
      Mean Rates
      Rebate / Fee
      Min Rates
      Rebate / Fee
      Max Rates
      Rebate / Fee
      22-APR-13 Yes -71.97% / 72.12% -71.97% / 72.12% -71.97% / 72.12%
      19-APR-13 Yes -72.79% / 72.94% -73.60% / 72.12% -71.97% / 73.75%
      18-APR-13 Yes -70.97% / 71.13% -73.60% / 68.50% -68.34% / 73.75%
      17-APR-13 Yes -67.22% / 67.38% -68.34% / 66.25% -66.09% / 68.50%
      16-APR-13 No -63.97% / 64.13% -66.09% / 62.00% -61.84% / 66.25%
      15-APR-13 No -61.91% / 62.06% -61.97% / 62.00% -61.84% / 62.12%

      Sorry for poor formatting... but this is the mean, min, max, rebate fee that Interactive Brokers is charging shorts. Notice how even though more shares became available post-secondary (yes/no column), the cost to borrow actually went up. I Would interpret this as an additional 1.4 million shares were available to short... but most of them got shorted so the costs kept going up. Therefore, I expect the short interest to jump up to nearly 5M for the next report.

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