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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Apr 29, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Albert Podell - a kid walked in the stock market - SeekingAlpha - or seekingScam?

    The guy retired from law practice. Big deal. Clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. Here's a good tip - the stock market is not candy store. So, stop talking like a kid in a candy store - Too much candy is not good for you!

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    • What those newbies to the stock market don't understand is that it is rather easy to jack up a junkie stock with very high short ratios - it is squeezed jumps, but they never last for long, b/c those were not real buyers of the stock. Once the shorts finally nailed the top range, it becomes extremely expensive for those manipulators behind scene to try to maintain a junkie at a very high level. There is always tomorrow in the stock, but those stock manipulators will be long gone once they achieve a certain objective - in this case, the outrageously priced 2nd share offer at $32.

      Gravity will eventually take hold - the junkies can never fly high for long. UNXL is a classic example of stock scams - forever over-promising, but never deliver on those outrageous claims.

      Those idiots are in for a lesson of life time.

    • Hey, oinker gramt, you going to put up or shut up"

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    • oinker grant, I am still waiting for you to waddle out of the sty nd tell us about your market success.

    • grant is a loser from way back. All his Chinese stocks caved in on him and his following which along with him got caught holding the bag.

    • I like that these shorts pretty much just attack character now. Keep spouting the good info Al. We know we're right when ad hominem is all they have left.

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    • You are so right. It was just plain dumb luck that I ran $20,000 into $12million picking big winners like Syntex, Wholesale Cellular, CMGI, Sensormatic, Gilead Sciences, American Power Conversion, Take Two Interactive, Microsoft, China Fund. Computer Sciences, Automatic Data, Identix, and MRV Communications, half of which, I am sure, a little loser like you never heard of. I exited each near the top, and plan to do the same with UNXL in three or four years, around 1,000. Or maybe 2,000. I have yet to exit Celgene, which I bought at 70 cents and is now $120, although I have donated over $4million of it it charities, all of which you can verity on the web, assuming you are capable of doing some basic research, although that is not indicted by your short position in UNXL. And, dumb luck again, I closed out every long position in my hot Internet stocks on 3/14/2000, just a week before the bubble burst. Lucky kid, right? .The only two scams I did get sucked into -- UNXL is not a scam, but the real deal -- were Enron and Washington Mutual, both of which I sniffed out and sold w/in 5% of their tops. Amazing for a kid in a candy store, right? And even though I don't "know what I'm talking about," I've been invited to give that talk on investing at colleges and graduate schools around the country. I'd much rather be a kid in a candy store than a pig in a sty. So, oinker grant, what's been your investing record since you crawled out from the pond #$%$?

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    • hay, give the guy a break. he is trying his hand at financial analysis. that is what seeking waldo(alfa) is all about. Letting novices write opinionated articles about stocks based on HOW THEY FEEL. How you feel is close to always 100% wrong. I actually did a paper on that very notion in college. That notion being, if amateur trader would make a trade exactly opposite of what they feel, they would soon be rich. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to do.

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