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  • traderstock traderstock May 1, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Ladenburg raises PT to 67

    They raised PT to 40 on 4/17/2013 and it hit 40's. now they raised to to $67.

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    • It's obvious that Ladenburg bought some of those highly inflated new shares at $32. What else is new with those little obscure firms on the Wall Street? They always like to kiss each other's #$%$.

      I still remember some moron from Gilford gave a $65 price target to VHC, when the stock was at high $20's. Those people are clueless and shameless; and the stock got jacked up to $40+!

      Those people are specialized in destroying the clueless small investors who somehow always ended up holding the huge bags. Always!!

      What else is new?

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    • One thing i dont get,these analists who are so great, why do they raise unxl price target every month, why not show some smarts and predict a target that lasts longer than a month, idiots. This target which will be reached in 6-8 weeks, these ladenburg J Os will raise to 90, then 120 in sept. how bout showing they have a clue and make a pt that doesnt have to be adjusted up every two months. Dont get me wrong im not complaining about pt going up, i love it its making me rich, but these guys are supposed to now something, why cant they get it right and just say pt is 150 december after all holiday stuff is bought with uniboss on it, pads phns laptops u know everything. Anyway just had to get that off my chest and point out that even the analists cant grip the growth of this bad boy. When we land a few more big fish this thing will be 150-200 soon. Tardos.

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      • trolling4alpha's analogy of peeling the union onion is right on. Analysts can only state targets based on data they have. For startups like UNXL in the technology development phase there are many unknowns with regard to risks of transitioning from technology development to production-qualified and in-demand product. As time goes on and the company shows progress, as UNXL has been doing, the analysts get more confident and the high-volume potential looks more and more certain. Lower risk, higher stock price. This will continue until UNXL is in MP status shipping hundreds of millions of units. If UNXL continues to hit their commitments we should see the next target raised to $100 by quarters end.

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      • One more thing, all short morons will be gone by 50-55 i would think, cant imagine them not covering by then, although i cant believe they havnt coverd yet, bunch of idiots think these moron bashers actually helps? Too funny/idiotic.

      • My take is that because this is a startup with disruptive capabilities, each peel back of the onion reveals a little bit more color, new end users, possibilities, etc. and its moving very fast, IMO

    • That sounds like about where it should be by September. But by January it should be closer to $100 or better.

    • liar! where is the link

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