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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h May 17, 2013 6:42 PM Flag

    Over 3.2 min shares dumped -

    Or changed hands, based on the net volume for the day. Surprisingly, shorts were really meek today - they didn't even try to push it, as the short volume ratio was the lowest since the stock jumped out over $7.

    So, there was absolutely no "naked shorting" today. I'd assume that a lot of shorts covered - they were the main buyers of the stock. LOL.

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    • I find Barron's latest report piece on UNXL funny. Basically, according to Barron's, or more precisely, Cody Acree (infamous person), all that selling by large shareholders were based on "rumors and more rumors".

      Seriously? So according to Acree, those retail longs on the chopping blocks would be smarter and know better than those insiders who dumped it decisively?? And those big insiders would be so easily swayed by some rumors and thus gave up their "extremely valuable" shares???

      Man, that guy is always so shameless and full of holes in this brain.

    • It's only more "curious" why they chose to hold a CC on a Friday of all days?

      Fridays are normally reserved for bad news by most of the shady companies that wish less people would take notice of their bad deeds. So, it's only more problematic for UNXL longs to think about over the weekend. Why on a Friday???

    • I think we'll see some serious margin calls next week. As some of the biggest traders got clobbered some 26% in one session.

      This was not "another" one of the selloffs. This one was special - some large shareholders got out, for very good reasons that are still to be confirmed, but will be too late to know by the retails. What else is new?!

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      • It's very interesting looking at today's trading stats. Shorts finally woke up today, and shorted into the fake rallies. The short volume finally picked up a little, but still a far cry from the days when this junkie sas hard-pursued into $40.

        You know, after you finally scared away the shorts, the trading scam started to unravel - there were no real big buyers but just stupid short squeezes on and on. Once the shorts were done, the stock crashes endlessly.

        That basically reveals what was the truth about this trading game - pure short squeezes. And now, it is pure hell for those clueless bagholders - remember they're so happy and full of craps?

      • Remember what I said.

        The second margin call were just in - snowballing continues. Watch for $16 level.

      • So, it began - the first margin call just hit.

        Watch the 200 MA level - the first real support.

      • I said last Friday: "I think we'll see some serious margin calls next week."

        The first thing must be to crush those greedy buyers who still think this as "value". And the snowball starts to roll, downhill.

        Another $10 crash is easy.

    • I hope you're wrong, but this is an intelligent post and theory.

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