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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk May 31, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Texas Tough turning into Woodlands Wuss................

    Frankly, at this point Reed it doesn't matter if the technology works. Your subtle winks and nods that "oh and by the end of the year a million sq. ft....blah blah blah) your mismanagement in Public Relations through heightened expectations, a meteoric stock price increase and mysterious setbacks, has sown the seeds of any criticism leveled by once loyal, and now dubious shareholders.

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    • I have been in and out of UNXL for almost five years, and if there has been one consistent gripe I have had, it was their complete and utter lack of pr or communications. I have rang and spoken to Jeff Tomz on a number of occasions, and even spoken with Reed Killon a couple of times too. I went so far as to offer my professional services to manage such releases, if they didn't have the time or inclination to do so themselves. My offer was politely declined.

      For a company whose ultimate customers are people who want to use the product to communicate (among other things) I always believed that their own communications should have been way better than they have been.

      I'm out of UNXL at the minute, but this has to be a fantastic re-entry point, because if the product is good, and I have been around here long enough to hold a firm belief in it, then this past two weeks are but a blip and this price will soon be disappearing in the rear view mirror, but if ever there was a need for market reassurance, it has to be now.

      Seeking Alpha should face an inquest and criminal proceedings if found to be negligent in their editorial responsibilities by preventing the dissemination of damaging lies and misinformation.

      Goodbye until next time.

    • agree with you, kenny, and stockxchange; reed has really xposed himself; hes way out on a limb; this blows up, bk will be the least of his worries

      i xpect a response by monday

      they have all weekend to come up with something

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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