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  • dfurkioti dfurkioti Jun 30, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    1,827,161 shares traded Friday, BUT the after market had about 1 million MORE shares traded

    in multiple big block trades, and the PPS is up.

    As we approach retail products and progress with production capacity facilities we can expect to see more new business announced, imo. Investment dollars by the ecosystem partner, retail computer company and KODAK are a clear indicator of the anticipated demand for metal mesh touch screen product.

    One announcement and this gets back on track. The market projections for growth in this sector, and the lack of product supply with make this an explosive sector. Just ask the Chinese who are also scrambling to increase their metal mesh production to meet a growing demand.

    There will be shortages until the production side catches up to the product design side of the equation, and UNXL is poised to benefit greatly.

    A little insight and the guts to own it before the announcements is all it takes to be a very profitable investor.

    Then factor in the tiny float and the exposed shorts who will no longer be able to lie when revenues continue to increase and you have the makings for a game changing investment.

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    • I hope you guys realize how important Friday was; during the raping, 'tutes dumped 2.5mm shrs, effectively increasing the float by 25%ish; that's why the stock has been trading the way it has and is so easily manipulated; 2.5mm shrts from tutes to retail who sell at every seeking hit

      looks like on Friday, at the very least, 1mm shrs were bought by index funds REDUCING THE FLOAT BY 10% OR SO; this is huge; won't be near so easy for shorts to work the stock

      maybe we go up now, maybe not, but the float is reduced by 10% and that's to the longs benefit

      when unxl announces successful testing and orders and revs show up, the same tutes who sold will buy back their shrs; when they buy back with the 10% just locked away, the float will effectively be 0

      that's when the shorts have a massive problem

      we might not get another pr until the pr that schedules the earnings report/cc for late july

      wouldn't surprise me;

      luck longs

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Who gives a god damned rats az about the shares that traded ah, the stock was down Friday, the stock has fallen from $41 to $14, the stock will fall Monday.

      What us longs care about are some god damned orders. Understand!

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