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  • rbg5r rbg5r Jul 7, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Price is truth. Forget all the noise about manufacturing capacity and billion dollar product stream, as UNXL continues to drop. That means

    just one thing. All this posting about all these great things going on with unxl is a bunch of lies. Price says this company has no product or customers.

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    • responding price is truth. forget other things like billing dollar product stream . apple in the December quarter recorded a record profit of 13billion dollars after taxes at the time the stock was above $600/share it has fallen 200 points or 1/3 of it's value. at 700 dollars everyone was saying buy buy buy. now at 415 bears think it will continue to go down . according to yahoo analysis unxl is rated a stronger buy than apple. and our I year target price is more the triple its current price. apple has a target about 25-33 percent higher than its current value . price is not truth in the market you need patience . the health of the company in terms of product lines manufacturing capacity and sales are more important than price . when a company is healthy financially even if it's stock price is very low eventually the price will reflect the value of the company based of basic values . price is the tail the health of the business is paramount . price may be slow to come around but value of the companies business is key. I saw warren buffett being interviewed by becky quick on cnbc several times and he clearly indicates when there is fear and blood in the street buy. because price is artificially low. that is when you make money , BUY LOW HOLD, HOLD HOLD SELL IF NECESSARY HIGH.

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    • And since the so-called truth has been wildly distorted by short-sellers preying upon the weak while many times posting as if they are shareholders (LOL), scaling in the stock down here will translate (IMO) to wild profits on the upside once the B.S. is cast aside.

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      • Have you ever watched a biotec stock? They have no rev, no earnings and selling for market caps over a billion. Why? For the reason all the longs on this board still hold this stock. Revenue potential. The problem is, UNXL is not rising. It is falling. Just like a biotec stock falls when something happens along the way that tells institutions this company is not going to meet expectations. Why cant you people realize, that if UNXL still had all this potential it would be selling for 41 plus. But it isnt, because something is wrong.

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