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  • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Sep 28, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    When you step back and think about it - the short side argument is... is... childish....

    First you've got to totally ignore $10 million dollars received from two different fortune 100 companies to build out manufacturing capacity. Plus, PURCHASING AGREEMENT for future product that leverages the influence, supply channels, sales force, and technical expertise of these two tech giants offering growth with out further investment by us. A further manufacturing agreement with a world renown legacy technology company just embarking on a renewed quest for technology excellence.. and they pick us to ride along.. A very well financed company balance sheet with no debt and more than enough cash to last through production and sustainable revenue growth. Management and a Board of Directors that represent decades if not a century of experience at the highest levels in the industry and market we are targeting.

    If we were a biotech we would be well over $100 per share right now. Except the bio would still be waiting for FDA, we are waiting for TIER 1, ISO certification, with help from our tech partners.

    We've gone from "it's a total sham" to "where are the purchase orders" - even before a manufacturing facility is built.. However the manufacturing facility is about ready to come on line.. purchase orders are about to be announced and the rest will be history.

    It's that simple.


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    • Yes I'm not quite sure what the shorts are hanging their hopes on.Past performance of unxl like a mutual fund is no guarantee of future results.

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      • Well 6 months ago, I'd give 'em that the writing on the wall wasn't anything like as clear as it is now that InTouch is really happening. I personally always thought the short thesis relied on some pretty flawed assumptions even then but was certainly more credible in Q1/Q2 than now. So I can see how someone could have gotten the idea into their head to begin with that it would fizzle. And some folks well, once they get an idea stuck in their heads you can present them with a mountain of evidence to the contrary but it will never be a big enough mountain to change their mind. They'll just say you're biased, or a "pumper" or whatever, then go back to stubbornly reciting whatever talking points they feel still support their idea of reality, long after they've all been thoroughly debunked and everyone else knows it.

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    • It was just another attempt to bring the price down to cover. Notice the volume - it wasn't all that much different than a normal trading day. I'm sure we can expect another followup run by the shorts via SA - it will be a great time to add to your position. This is the real deal. Nobody in their right mind and that includes Killion would or could go to such lengths and be able to dupe Dell and Intel along with Synaptics and a host of others. If it were true that this was a sham then this will be bigger than Madoff and Killion would be sitting in jail...I just don't believe he wants to rot in a cell. Go UNXL!

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      • A lot of them are probably trapped short form lower prices so regardless of whether they still believe their own talking points or not, there's incentive there to try and sell them to others. But never underestimate the ability of a true dead-ender to stubbornly and mindlessly cling to a hopelessly discredited argument.

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    • B-b-but... KILLION IS TEH POOPY-HEAD!!!

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