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  • chi134431 chi134431 Apr 22, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    I truly wish that those women long GV ...........would step up and show these stupid 30 & 40 plus yr old men

    a thing or too about can hope and pray GV insiders that sold millions of shares of GV above $4 will step up and be buyers near $1.25 to $1, support GV IF it falls that far ...........bookvalue is probably near 90 cents after accelerated depreciation of those millions spent on new equipment this yr and last............meanwhile ladies buy / add too ITSI imo

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    • You are a persistent little dodo, I'll give you that. However, you're no longer entertaining, just boring. I don't know when you got into ITSI, "professor," but you seem a little short on reality (which is why I thought you were senile at first). First, book value for GV is about $1.10. Next, revenues continue strong and book value for the next 2-3 quarters is likely to grow .10 to .20 cents each quarter. There is NO evidence that any insiders are unloading, and the only insider with a truly large holding is the CEO. Next, the low daily volume for ITSI (yes, I know GV had low volume too) assures anyone trying to buy a substantive stake the pleasure of pushing the price to a high premium . Short of any real news, a modification of the business, or some other miracle in a very volatile business with limited customers and MUCH larger and better financed competition, ITSI is range bound-and a low range at that. I'm sorry you sold out your GV at less than $2, I dumped my last 10K around 5, but recently bought back in. That would be my advice to you; take your loss on ITSI and get a few shares of a company with longer term potential and virtually unlimited customers in a diverse and under utilized field. Sure, there are bigger and better financed competitors, but these are less nimble leaving the smaller, more profitable projects hanging low for a company like GV. There are no sure things, but IMO you're a kook, or a grossly overpaid pumper who doesn't know when to quit- or at least find new suckers.

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      • Hi Pops, The CEO's annual letter is due soon on the company website. The captain can change the topic of conversation, if he decides to wax enthusiastic about the geographical diversity of the company and its expansion in the mid-atlantic, or he can give a Spartan summary. A PE of 6 might give him an epiphany on the value of defining the company, rather than let others do it. rr

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