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  • dogieinandout dogieinandout Jan 4, 2006 2:59 PM Flag

    Questionable decisions

    The next 6 months you will see some scrambling to maintain their current sales. - Let alone the establishment of new business.

    This business is about relationships. It takes a long time to make the type of relationships that their distributors have forged. Now, the new direct sales force will be competing with the old sales force with (in some cases) less than adequate products. It doesnt help that field managment has had significant turnover in the last few years.

    I would have recommended this company just on its technology a year ago, but....

    Danek will have a lateral approach this year.

    Everybody and their mother has a retractor that they just launched or will be launching soon.

    The 2nd generation NIMM is here.

    The hardware options leave them capable of handling only the consultant surgeons who are willing to deal with a thicker plate, or using one product for shorter construct and another for longer constructs.

    Hopefully the Neodisc will save them.

    The objective of this company is not to build a solid, long term business. It may have been when upper managment operated at their previous posts, but they are older (and wiser) now and just want the yacht.

    If you can time your buy/sell decisions like they have then you should buy, if not, run.

    Run Forrest, Run.

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    • [Why worry about something that constitues less than 1% of their total NeuroVision business.]

      Correct. They're both wrong anyway.

      [The thing you need to worry about is the talent level of the business development managers they are placing into each territory.]

      You can never find out about that until way after the fact.

      [Some of these guys and gals are real losers.]

      If true, ipso facto, constitutes less than .1% of revenues.

      [Also, won't it be fun to watch them manage their own team of people. Sounds like a bad way to run a good company.}

      Speaking of logic, how does the below follow from the above?

      [I still am bullish on this stock]

    • I love the banter back and fourth. Time for you guys to both get a clue.
      Why worry about something that constitues less than 1% of their total NeuroVision business.

      The thing you need to worry about is the talent level of the business development managers they are placing into each territory. Some of these guys and gals are real losers. Also, wont it be fun to watch them manage their own team of people. Sounds like a bad way to run a good company.

      FYI - Rumor has it they are launching a lateral lumbar plate and a posterior cervical.....plate. No, not posterior cervical screw, but a plate!

      Completely void of any logic. LOSERS.

      Anyway, I still am bullish on this stock - Two thumbs way up into the Lez and the fruitcake.

    • Exactly what i meant when i stated that Neurovision can't monitor the cervical spine. Nobody EMG's cervical and if they do they are wasting their time....or don't know what they are doing. Can't compete with the big boys but doing 60 million isn't much they grow is the bigger questions. They need more products to catch up...not going to happen anytime soon and if they don't give surgeons clinical agreements they won't be switching guys over.

    • Sounds as if you are trying to convince yourself of your own argument, or you just like to sound "smart", because no one, including myself, is saying that you are wrong. But you have confirmed my original statement twice now, NUVA can monitor the cervical spine. It might be a little embarrassing for you, but if you want to continue telling me I am right, be my guest (although I could care a less).

    • Hey, I love fruitcake. So, I take that as a compliment! Now listen to me LEZBO, EMG monitoring can certainly be done in the cervical spine. But, nerve roots are not the most important structure at risk during cervical is the spinal cord. Ask any neurophysiologist. You must do MEP and/or SSEP to monitor the cord. Doing anything less is poor patient care. NUVA cannot do MEP or SSEP, and therefore are promoting poor patient care if they tell surgeons they can "get by" with EMG only. Sounds like you need to study up on neurophysiology before you pipe in. You might want to stop now before you embarrass yourself anymore. Just a suggestion. Peace.

    • Fruitcake, my facts are straight. Post 565 said that NUVA could not EMG monitor and stimulate the nerves in the cervical spine, that is NOT true (as you even stated).

      But I never said that they could monitor MEP or SSEP. While EMG monitoring in the cervical spine from the posterior approach may not be common, it is, and can be done.

    • You might want to get your facts straight.....Neurovision can monitor cervical spine, but only the nerve roots since NUVA only has EMG capability. They cannot monitor the spinal cord which takes Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) or Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEP). Nerve roots are not typically at risk during cervical procedures like they are in lumbar procedures. It is the cord that is at risk. So, EMG monitoring alone is not best for the patient in the cervical spine.

    • I don't care if you ever buy the stock, I'm not here to sell you on this company and their products, do your own DD. I've done my research, and formed an opinion for which I shared (thats what these boards are for--------opinions).

      As far as knowing it all, I never proclaimed to, but when someone presents a statement that is not true (cervical monitoring), I will address it with the facts.

    • I agree with the Doggie. Stupid is as stupid does. Turn over in field management, strong arm tactics and burning bridges with past distributors, and once leading technologies that are fast becoming prosaic = decline in sales.

      There is money to be made on NUVA, Short it.


      • 2 Replies to medrepsupreme
      • Snoop Dog & Dream Supreme,

        I completely disagree. I feel NUVA is positioning themselves as a major player in spine mkt with their innovative products. Dog the Danek man, anyone can say the competitors are coming out with me to products, but the fact is, they don't have them yet.

        Management is solid with a long track record of success in spine market (Dog you should know that), distributors are strong, and leading technologies continue to attract new surgeons IMO.

        Supreme, you'll be bumping cotton with that short.

      • I have recently changed my mind on this stock.

        I like the silly decisions by management and the lack of technology in the pipeline.

        This doggie has two thumbs up....way up.

    • You haven't answered my question yet, do you work for Danek? You certainly sound as if you are in the busniess in one way or another. My sources tell me that NUVA is an up and coming company, and a great buy for the long run. Any other thoughts Dog Man?

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