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  • sgarri7777 sgarri7777 Jan 8, 2002 4:45 PM Flag


    In a peverse way the switch to 300mm wafers will lower the number of polycold systems being ordered. If it took 75 etching systems
    (like the AMAT makes) to produce x amount of wafers. Now it will take 45. That does not take into account that the systems will have to be larger to pump more water vapor and the fact that the semiconductor industry is always
    growing despite the cyclical slumps. The 300 mm
    standard has no real bearing on polycold otherwise. A polycold system traps water vapor. It doesn't give a hoot what its pumping
    on. 300mm wafers,100mm GaAs wafers or razor blades. Its all volume based. How much water do you need to be trapped and is it cost effective to purchase a polycold system to achieve the time saving that a polycold system gives you to acheive processing pressure.
    A quick tutorial. We breathe at 760mm of mercury at sea level. Semiconductor processes
    routinely start at 5 x 10-7 mm of mercury as a base pressure or even lower (3 x 10-8). Pumping
    water vapor at these pressures is like pumping glue. It sticks to surfaces and is therefore surface area dependent. Wafers are put into
    a loading chamber and pumped down. The time
    it takes to reach processing pressure can be as much as 2 hours or more. A poly cold system
    can cut this time by 60% or more. Its all cost based if a polycold is worth the expense. Lecture over. The great part is this is only a sliver of IMG's business. If you have the balls to wait this one out it could be the next General Electric. Yea a little emblishment
    but what the hey.

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