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  • easytexan2100 easytexan2100 Apr 4, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    NTRR - Most Important Post - READ THIS !

    Most posters here seem smart enough to recognize the "game" NTRR is playing.
    But here is my opinion for the newbies:

    This is a "vapor" company run by a lady from a single room and a single dude developing their website. The recent spike in stock price is most likely the same entity buying and selling 100 shares at a time, at high frequency. The stock price moves at will - with the illusion of "high volume" in order to create a "buy" pattern on charts that technical guys follow and recommend.

    A few regular joe's buy the stock - that is sold out from the lady's account. That's going to be her "keep". But to the disappointment of the lady - most of the 300K daily trade volume is fake bot buying and selling. A few thousand do get sold to regular Joe's - who are now hoping for $6 to be printed again.

    Look at their website and try to identify what they are trying to sell. Good luck. Then read the SEC filings. I applaud this company for being frank in the SEC filings.

    To test my thesis out - yesterday when the stock was fake trading a $4.90 - I sprinkled a few buy orders around $4.20, $4.30 area. The dogs "sniffed" the real orders - and without making it obvious - slowing started coming down from $4.90 to sell their shares to me at $4.30.

    I promptly cancelled and moved the entire constellation of buy orders to $3.20 area. The bots got frantic ! The fake buy-sell started sliding down furiously.
    The seller is going - can I sell at any price (above a penny) ?
    Believe it or not the fake trading came down to $3.20 - but I had cancelled and moved my buy orders to $1.80. The fake trading went all the way down to $2.80 yesterday - when the manipulators realized it was a set up.

    Same thing today - but it did not take the $1.80 bait today.

    Tell me who on this MB has bought this stock.
    Yes - that's right - nobody.

    As part of the game plan - they have planted fake posters also - who are pumping.
    This is a pump and dump that is most obvious and visible. In my opinion.

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