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  • keeladog keeladog Nov 6, 2000 9:35 PM Flag

    Stock market and HPT

    I see little lasting impact on HPT but
    potentially a lasting stock market impact. The one thing we
    investors must hope for is continuation of a divided
    government. If Republicans control the White House and both
    houses of Congress there is a risk for rising interest
    rates because there will be less fiscal discipline. Say
    what you will about Clinton, he's been good for

    Once businessland's euphoria over a Bush election
    wears off, market may get uneasy over his lack of
    experience. We are entering uncertain times, my friend, and
    the market hates that.

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    • I do agree, that the congress didn't have the
      courage of their convictions. I don't think the clause
      you cite re. 30 days would apply here. The absense
      has to be without cause. I worked civil service for
      about 10 years. They also would only have to come in
      once every 30 days without pay to assure their jobs. I
      don't think Clinton would have caved. Why should he. He
      had the press pumping up his postion. I don't think
      the republican leadership understands hard ball
      polictic's and the legal (read trial lawyers) back up the
      democrat paty has. Until they get some intelligence in
      their leadership they will not be able to unseat the
      democrat's for any lenght of time.

    • They didn't have the stomach to play hardball
      with the president. Its that simple. Any general would
      tell you that if you either fight a war to win or
      don't fight at all. If the repubs were not prepared to
      keep governmt shut down they never should have done it
      in the first place.

      I believe they could
      have won if they had used a clause in the law that
      says if a federal worker is off the job 30 days they
      can be terminated w/o cause. Repubs could have told
      Clinton that we will keep governmt shut down and then
      fire broad employee classes including in cabinet
      departments they wanted to get rid of. Clinton would have
      caved rather than face that prospect. The stock market
      would have gone thru the roof at the prospects of true
      smaller governmt.

    • I appreciate your response and you certainlly
      have the right to disagree. I can only call it the way
      I see it. You will notice that with each day and
      each additional recount, Gore picks up more votes. It
      is not that votes are being changed, just Gores
      total is increasing day by day. The judicial ruling
      yesterday pretty well summed up what is the Gore plan. The
      judge ordered the state to accept vote tallys (hand
      counted) for however long it takes to do them in the four
      counties. Bill Daley will keep them counting until Gore
      gets a one vote margin and then will sue to stop the
      election process in Fla. Either that, or he will keep the
      election and counting going on until Dec 18 when the
      electoral college meets and votes without Fla. input. I
      have not seen any news today, but yesterday Gore
      picked up another 98 votes cutting the Bush lead to 200.
      I think we will see another 100 or so more votes in
      the Gore column today.

      All my read of coarse,
      and everyone can put their two cents on the

      By the way, the so-called gridlock that you refer to
      was up until the last year or two, considered bad for
      stocks as well as the overall economy. INteresting how
      things change.

    • I disagree completely with you on the results of
      this snafu. I really believe that Bush will be the
      next president, but i would not want to be any of the
      congress to be up for reelection in two years. The Repubs
      will be replaced by Dems so that we can get back to
      gridlock, the area which the entire country feels most
      comfortable. IMHO The Duck

    • They tried to use "purse power" a couple of years
      ago and got their head handed to them by Mr. Clinton.
      If you recall, he closed down the government and
      blamed them for doing it. The press as usual, backed his
      claim as did the majority of the idiots walking around
      with no original thought process available to them.

    • The repubs have purse power but have refused to
      use it because they feared Clinton. They do not fear
      Gore. Congress could have denied DOJ funds for tobacco
      suit but did not. I am hoping they will be emboldened
      and deny a Gore DOJ funds for attacks of lawfully
      formed industries. Repubs should have fought Clinton's
      use of recess appointmts and many other things by
      using the power of the purse as blackmail throughtout
      his presidency but they did not.

      presidents caved to a demo congress; demos just showed
      repubs that the opposite does not apply. Repubs better
      start learning to fight.

      A UC Berkeley poly sci
      professor believes Bush will end up with the popular vote
      and believe me UCB has no conservative bent.

      Repubs have been a minority party because the last 40
      years has been "me too repubs".... going along with
      systematic socialistic schemes of democrats. They got
      majority by finally saying no to socialized medicine. It
      will be interesting if they start saying no more often
      than not. Repubs think that politics is a parlor game
      and have lost the support and participation of repubs
      like me that want to fight a holy war against demo
      principles. In the end, regardless of party the name of the
      game is to keep power even if you do not exercise
      power to your advantage.

      Repubs have kept power
      but not exercised it. I like parlimentary government
      where you vote the whole lot out and vote a new lot in
      rather than this mish mash of hodge podge of two parties
      trying to represent all ends of the political spectrum
      within each of the parties.

    • nothing more than mob rule. Anyone who thinks the
      majority is always right would have loved vigilanty
      justice and lynch mobs. This country was founded as a
      "Constitutional Replubic of Confederated States." It never was
      intended to be a "Democracy". Pure democracy like its
      cousin pure socailism has never worked anywhere it has
      been tried. The only thing that has kept this country
      alive is the fact that geographically seperated peoples
      can work together as long as the smallest states has
      a proportionate voice with the largest of them.
      Should this country move to the mob concept, it would
      not take too long to fall apart and erupt in civil
      war and tyranical direct control from the federal

    • I believe Fla. law calls for or allows a hand
      count in cases where the initial count is within a
      certain number....I heard Christopher today justify what
      Gore is doing in part because he won the national
      popular vote. He should be ashamed of himself. By law the
      popular vote does not determine the winner. Change the
      law if you can for future elections, but for now the
      popular vote is of no account.

    • As memory serves me you are pretty close. I
      forgot about that one.
      I don't agree that neither can
      govern. Keep in mind that the majority of govenment
      regulation control and sometimes even law is decided by
      Presdential edict. A president is in the drivers seat and can
      control the country with no congress whatsoever. As a
      matter of fact, in recent years the power of the
      president has become almost absolute. Case in point. The
      sale of the Elk Hills Navel reserve awarded to Oxy
      (Gores favorite oil stock) by executive edict. There
      were other bids which are now locked up and considered
      privledged information and not in the public domain.
      Congress had no say in the matter.
      Devided government
      only puts some fiscal restraint on the president and
      not any regulation controls. Gore not only
      canpaingned in the special interest groups during the last
      few days, his whole campaingn was directed towards
      the "something for nothing bunch". Why in the world
      the state of Florida agreed to the hand count is
      beyond me. Hand counting has the highest risk of human
      error and outright curruption of all types of counting
      you can come up. Then again, maybe that's what they
      want. They only want it in 4 counties and not the whole
      Forget about Bush getting a popular vote lead. The press
      for one would never allow that to happen. Kennedy
      didn't have the popular vote until after a few days of
      counting and recounting. There are still some people who
      think majority rule is the best form of government. The
      one with the noose around his neck might disagree
      with the majority of a lynch mob.

    • The house would decide the presidency in cases of ties in the electoral college.(1802 election).

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