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  • vaniganti vaniganti Nov 7, 2012 7:13 AM Flag

    The Business of CERN

    Hi guys and gals,

    I am kind of new to this message board business. I am looking for an intelligent dialogue with any
    one who actually knows what CERN sells, and if they know what they get paid for the service or product, so we can extrapolate and guess where we are heading.

    I am in hospital industry and know a little bit of the math in this business but do not have ditrect exposure to CERN products.

    I dont need the pump and d,ump crap.

    So looking forward to a good dialogue.

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    • You idiot, we are heading of the fiscal gliff, good stock to short!!!

    • If you go to their site you can learn all about the company

    • I live in Kansas City, where Cerner is based. I also have several friends that work for Cerner. They provide the digitization of hospital records, efficient data entry for each patient, as well as an overall server network that allows records and systems to be used across the nation. This is a very high-level overview of what they do, but I can assure you they are growing like a weed. Right now, they have three major campuses sprinkled across the Kansas City region, and they're currently constructing a new major campus location next to Kansas Speedway. Cerner has a very positive presence in KC, and they're very active in the job hiring market at all the local colleges. I honestly believe this is a $100 stock plus in less than a year. Just my high-level $0.02.

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      • Brock is spot on, and though that is a "high-level" answer he is exactly right. The market has been condensing since the reimbursements from the ARRA are now being distributed. It has been saturated with startups or acquisitions that have taken place, and it appears that those are now Allscripts. Cerner can cover pretty much any area of the hospital where the only other big name out there that could do this, would be EPIC...and they chose to stay private. Cerner may not be the greateast company in the world as far as how it treats their employees, but they are a beast in the healthcare world, and have a vision like no other. Not only is it a safe bet to throw money at, but it is a long-term stock outside of just the ARRA that is now in full effect. It could be easily possible that by 2020 you are looking at a company that does 7-10 billion in Revenue....that is a lot of growth from the 2.5 billion they do now....and lets face it two sectors that are not going away are healthcare and technology, and Cerner is at the pinnacle on both

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