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  • jnplx jnplx Sep 7, 2007 10:31 AM Flag

    brig's obsession w/ se FL RE

    hey brig,
    tough week for you. sorry pal.
    why do you continue to post the BIG FL RE LIE?
    as you know i posted i am bullish on the boca lifestyle. i never posted that is was a good investment (although i have done nicely thank you). you cannot produce any post to the contrary.
    you have posted you make "honest mistakes" about my posts bc they are unclear like confusing buying BKUNA at the top when actually i bought at the bottom.
    however the fl re posts could not have been any clearer yet you made another "honest mistake?"
    nobody else has been confused.
    which begs the question why do you post these lies?
    the easy answer is to make me look bad bc you want no superior investor to yourself. but why?
    you are a man of great accomplishments if nothing else. you rose to postion of vp at a major co, have met ceo's around the country bought two (small) luxury waterfront condos, retired early & have had measured success as a private investor.
    you blame others for your investing mistakes. for example when i asked you how you missed the bull market in o&g you blamed me for my bullishness.
    making up posts to make others look bad, blaming others for your mistakes, etc etc. are you smart enough to figure it out? Dr Lowenstein would you pls spell it out?

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