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  • jnplx jnplx Sep 12, 2007 5:52 PM Flag

    brig: you are living "glory" days

    listen to the springsteen song glory days.
    do you invoke azr so much bc that was the last winner you had?

    brig : if you send kudos do it right! say grreat call on 80$ oil and my "bubble" call was certainly way off.
    if you made amy $$ on lvs i say good for you and a nice call. i don;t spoil it by telling you some other stk went up more.

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    • <<<do you invoke azr so much bc that was the last winner you had?>>>

      No. I say it so much because you told me on the AZR board for nearly 8 years straight that it was a mistake for me to be a big owner of AZR. For example, I rarely mention AZR on the BYD board, because you generally don't post on the BYD board and so AZR is fairly irrelevant there.

      Ditto IBM and LVS: I mention them a lot here because you told me a number of times that it was either a mistake to own them, or that they went down in price a few points and so my ejaculation was premature.

      Re the price of oil, I'm just trying to keep you honest. Yes, oil has reached a new high. But you're still down $5 or so on BP from where it was on 7/13/07.

      Iwal, I've been investing in the stock market for over 25 years now. There have been a number of times during that quarter century when my portfolio lagged the market. But more often than not, if I am patient and stick by my guns, my portfolio comes roaring back. Since I don't have a wife looking over my shoulder wanting to see what our portfolio is worth every day, and since I'm not a mutual fund manager such that my investors see their net asset value every day and I have to worry about them pulling their money out if the shares don't match or exceed the broad market, I don't care if my portfolio value lags for a while. Why should I worry about a temporary lag?

      Anyway, Happy Rosh Hoshanna, Iwal. Are you celebrating with family & friends?

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