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  • jnplx jnplx Sep 19, 2007 10:33 PM Flag

    brig: i never mentioned ANY shorts to you

    some claim falsely that i only talk about stks after a great move which we know to be untrue. i have some big winners in shorts and never posted about them. in fact had it not been for you i would not have bothered to check my statement at all.
    i only mentioned my short winners bc it probably accounted for the reason i had 11 of 12 winning mos. not bad!@

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    • You're too much, Iwal.

      You don't check your statements much. But most of your posts are about how much your stocks went up in a day or week compared to mine or notnu's; or about the fact that you're ahead for the year while I am down.

      You're a unique creature, Iwal. Or, should I say, "YOUR a unique creature"??

      I was just out for a walk here in Macau. I felt the first significant breeze of my trip -- I wonder if that's the tail end of the typhoon that struck elsewhere in the region.

      I just took a look at the iconic MGM tower that is going up -- it's right behind Wynn. The MGM tower looms over Wynn when you're in the pool area at Wynn; I wonder how much Steve Wynn likes a competitor's tower to be so prominently in view for his guests.

      I took a quick walk through the Starworld this morning. Then I walked a couple of blocks into town to pick up an International Herald Tribune (they don't carry the Trib at my hotel). Despite the breeze, I still returned to my hotel dripping with sweat.

      I took a quick walk through the mass market casino at Stanley Ho's Casino Lisboa last night. I was shocked at how small that casino is. There is additional casino space upstairs at Casino Lisboa but it was all marked for "VIPs" and I didn't have the moxie to try to enter.

      So far every casino I've entered except at Venetian requires you to go through a metal detector. In fact, the metal detectors are so widespread that I'm even wondering whether they have them at the Venetian but whether maybe the're in the walls or something. The area seems safe, so I'm surprised by all the metal detectors.

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