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  • I havent received my K-1 yet. Emailed the company who stated they dont have my holdings on record??????

    Has this happened to others? What are its implications? I have been receiving the payout regularly.

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    • File for an tax extention. Just make sure you do not own money. Once you file you will get it back.
      It is just a pein

    • This happened to me last week. On CPNO's web site, they ask you to either email them or call the 1-866-536-1968 the other poster listed. The e-mail was a failure; no one ever contacted me. I didn't have much hope for the 1-866 number, but it worked - I had my K-1 within 10 minutes.

      Call the number, but make sure you have the following information first: name and tax id number (Social Security number) and history of your buys and sells. That is, they need to know how many shares you purchased and at what price, and how many you sold and at what price. They then create a K-1 for you and e-mail it to you within minutes.

      That should solve your problem.

      If you bought your CPNO units in 2009, they may blame your broker for not giving CPNO the proper information about you. The reason for the problem isn't important, tho. The point is that they can fix it really quickly.

      Hope this helps.

    • Call them at Member Support at (866) 536- 1968 if you haven't already. The record should be listed under your SSN. If you've been getting distributions, your shares are there but perhaps listed under your broker's ID if held in street name. If that is the case, check with your brokerage firm as well.