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  • azelfage azelfage Feb 28, 2014 4:41 AM Flag

    On tech bubble From Financial Times

    "It is often a sign of a bubble when analysts and commentators rush to explain away each new upward step in valuations – and then come up with expansive arguments to justify why prices should be even higher." FT

    Zack raised ALXN target price to 185 recently with a strong buy rating. ALXN share price did hit 185 and Zacks are still pumping the stock with daily articles and a strong buy recommendation. In one of those articles the author writes ALXN has 7 new products coming on the market within next few years. There is actually only one new product on the pipeline. Lies, lies, and more blatant lies. I am really feeling sorry for those who will end up buying at the peak before the inevitable fall.

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    • Agreed. Zack IS bubble maker. Other momo analysts doing the same.

    • Cry me a river. Since when does anybody pay attention to Zacks ??? Pay attention to T Rowe Price, Fidelity, Capital Research et al. ---- WHY ARE THEY NOT SELLING ??? Any clue ? Apparently not. Maybe if d=f time allows you'll find some time & do a little research, maybe even go back & listen to a few conference calls, read some of the detailed research reports. Would hate to see you get hurt anymore.

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      • Actually, in truth, Zacks has a spectacular record of being right as opposed to T TOWE and Fidelity. I don't know what research you are doing but I will give you an example. I bought FRX 1 week before the takeover and that week I keep adding to my shares as it was dropping price. Then, I went to the computer, a week later and it was up over 30% because of takeover. Thanks you Zacks And, I have found Zacks to be consistently right but hey Fidelity , in my opinion has really lame analysts---but just sayin. STRONG BUY ALXN

      • Who says they are not selling? I am sure while those clowns are pumping, the big money is surely dumping. I am more worried about people buying at this level.

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